Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (International Affairs) Okello Oryem of Uganda

Oryem said after the lapse of the seven days, any armed group that is outside Ri-Kwangba will be dealt with by the UPDF and SPLA.
STATE minister for sports Henry Okello Oryem has promised to include health awareness messages at all sporting events in the country.
Sports minister Henry Okello Oryem has said the football federation "fears" touching the big clubs.
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Somalia and it will do so as soon as possible after weighing the risks on the ground, Deputy Foreign Minister Henry Okello Oryem said on Saturday.
them and Khartoum), Mr Oryem said on Thursday.
current differences with Khartoum.
Oryem said they were looking for money to renovate the missions and cater for the welfare of the envoys' families.
Oryem said the team intends to clarify portions of the deal that Kony claims are confusing, such as how Uganda plans to administer justice for Kony and his rebels.
Okello Oryem is Uganda’s minister for international affairs and the deputy leader of the government negotiating team with the rebels.
Oryem said the rebels would be the beneficiaries of the ultimatum to assemble at the designated point in Ri-Kwanba.
Oryem said it has always been a request by the rebels to assemble in one spot contrary to speculation that they are being dictated to by the Ugandan government.
Foreign Affairs State Minister Okello Oryem said consultations were going on to assess the magnitude of the risk facing the UPDF.
FOREIGN affairs state minister Okello Oryem has invited Pope Benedict XVI to visit Uganda.
Oryem was speaking at celebrations to mark the Pope’s pontification first anniversary.
FORMER state minister for sports Henry Okello Oryem has said that government would do anything to stop reigning FUFA president Denis Obua from being re-elected in the February 5 general elections.
not on phone where you might misunderstand something, Oryem said on telephone yesterday.
Asked about the Governments statement that inclusion of LRA leader Joseph Kony and his four top commanders indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) needed to be clarified before talks, Oryem said the consultations would clear that.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Southern Sudan Minister of Agriculture, Dr Samson Kwaje came to see the President on the reasons the SPLM withdrew from the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) (between them and Khartoum)," Mr Oryem said on Thursday.
Mr Oryem said the team said GoSS was still committed to spearheading the peace talks between the government and the LRA in Juba, South Sudan despite their current differences with Khartoum.
Ultimate MediaThe state minister for foreign affairs, Okello Oryem has said that the government is proposing pushing for the suspension of the ICC indictments on Kony and his commanders to enable them sign the peace agreement.
Ultimate MediaThe State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Henry Okello Oryem has called upon government to urgently increase the budget for all missions abroad, which are reportedly in a poor state.
Oryem says that government is planning to seek permission from authorities in Brussels to demolish the mission building, which had been condemned, and instead erect a new building.
Okello Oryem is the deputy leader of the Uganda negotiating team in the peace talks with the LRA rebels.
Oryem said although the rebels have shown a lot of commitment towards finding a lasting peaceful end to the over twenty years of insurgency in northern Uganda, the LRA should do a little more than what it has so far offered.
Our commanders and those of Burundi are in consultation with the AU to determine the amount of risk and if it is established that the level of risk is high, then a pull out is the most prudent thing," Oryem said without specifying where the consultations were taking place.