Minister for Lands, Housing, and Urban Development Omara Atubo of Uganda

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KAMPALA LANDS Minister Omara Atubo has said he "gets sick" to hear tribal groupings in Uganda agitating for exclusive ownership of land.
Referring to Buganda's agitation to regain the 9,000 square miles from the Central government, Mr Atubo said tribalising land is against unity in the country.
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Mr Atubo said the presidents discussed River Nile issues since it is a source of life for Egypt and said they were interested in capacity building and trans-boundary water training, adding that Egypt would help Uganda with fish development.
Mr Atubo said the establishment of the special tribunal clearly indicates that "the government is still committed to the peace process, despite the LRA's unseriousness.
Unless the government is checked by the voters, by the civil society, then every government will tend to exceed its powers," Minister of Lands, Water and Housing Development Omara Atubo said in backing the debate that has ensued since the report is release.
In pointing out some of these high-profile examples, in particular UPDF representative Aronda Nyakairima who attended seven plenary sessions, Minister Atubo said it is legitimate to ask whether, if an MP's dual role takes him out of parliament then maybe he should not be an MP in the first place.
Atubo said they agreed to improve Uganda’s potential to feed Egypt by marketing and exporting cheese, meat, fruit, wheat, coffee and cotton.
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said they agreed with the African Union's position that Beshir be given time to implement a ceasefire in the southern Sudan region of Darfur, Ugandan Minister Omara Atubo said after a meeting between the heads of state.
Lands Minister Omara Atubo said Prof.
But who is this man? Atubo was born on August 14, 1947 to Mr Leo Atubo and Mrs Madalena Atubo in Ngetta Catholic Mission, Lira.
Atubo fled to Kenya and onwards to Tanzania where he became a refugee like scores of his countrymen.
The work somewhat blunted the disorientation that comes with being exiled, although Atubo says there were always moments of homesickness.
Atubo was arrested on suspicion of treason.
From then on Atubo was to be a consistent critic of President Museveni’s policies on politics, human rights issues and the handling of the war in northern Uganda.
Atubo was approached and within no time he signed a memorandum under which he agreed to again work with the Movement government.
Julius Oketta has approached the ministry to expedite the issuance of a Certificate of Title on the land to enable the implementation of the (sugarcane) project without undue delay,� Mr Atubo said in the letter said.
Atubo says that any evictions will have to be done through a court order.
Atubo said that if passed into law, the interests of both the tenant and the landlord will be protected and respected.
Atubo was yesterday responding to statements by Acholi MPs who asked Uganda, DR Congo and South Sudan governments to stop the military offensive against the LRA rebels in Garamba.
However, Atubo said Kony was armed and potentially dangerous, adding that he would remain a menace if left in the bush.
The Party Secretary General, Peter Walubiri says that Atubo was free to leave the party and that the party has no interest in witch hunting him.