Minister of State for Primary Education Peter Lokeris of Uganda

The minister in charge of Karamoja Mr Peter Lokeris describes the situation as very bad and called for urgent action.
Lokeris is calling upon the World Food Program (WFP) to start immediate food supplies before the region starts loosing its people to hunger.
Fewer raids At Turkwel Gorge during a peace race recently, Mr Lokeris said the Ugandan Government was pursuing those with illegal guns, with the aim of promoting peace between the Pokot, the Turkana and the Karamojong.
Mr Lokeris said that since the exercise to restock animals and surrender guns began, raids in northern Uganda and Kenya had reduced.
Mr Lokeris said it was by mopping up illegal arms that the East Africa Community could take root.
Lokeris said that they had been trickling into the district since the beginning of the year.
Lokeris said the children were quite well looked after, in spite of the fact that Kotido is under-resourced.
The minister in charge of Karamoja Affairs, Peter Lokeris said sports could make a contribution in uniting people.
State Minister for Primary Education Peter Lokeris has blamed the government’s failure to effectively implement the Universal Primary Education (UPE) on the high birth rates.
Responding to demands by Uganda National Teachers Union to have the retirement age reduced from 60 to 55, Mr Lokeris said he did not support the idea because it would deprive the country of experienced civil servants.
IN a bid to promote education standards in rural secondary schools, the government will soon decentralise the recruitment and posting of secondary school teachers, State Minister for Primary Education, Peter Lokeris has said.
Paul Secondary School, Mbulamuti in Kamuli District on Monday during the school’s thanksgiving ceremony for good UCE results for 2007, Mr Lokeris said poor education standards in most rural schools was partly caused by lack of competent teachers.
Mr Lokeris said currently most of the teachers the government recruits and posts to rural secondary schools from Kampala, don’t report to their duty stations because they do not want to work in rural areas.
State Minister for Karamoja Development Peter Lokeris had said on Friday that the government would soon be recruiting Local Defence Force personnel to back up the Ugandan army in disarming the Karamojong and deploying security forces at all strategic border points with Sudan in order to prevent further illegal importation of arms.
Minister Lokeris said that the government has tried to send food to the district and also gives some contribution to WFP to supply food to the region.
Lokeris says the scheme follows persistent complaints from hardworking teachers.
Lokeris had just finished launching the nation Guidance and Counseling Advocay (GCA) day in Gulu and Amuria districts.
Mr Lokeris said the Ugandan government was still pursuing those with illegal guns and added that they were committed to ensuring peace among the Pokot, the Turkana and the Karamojong.
handing over kits to girls at Police primary school in Gulu on Friday.
Lokeris said the kits would be given to girls in P.