Minister of State for Defense Ruth Nankabirwa of Uganda

Nankabirwa was speaking from Kigali Rwanda, where she attended a meeting of defence ministers from the Tri-partite Plus nations, a regional grouping tasked with promoting peace in the Great Lakes region.
Joseph Kony has failed for months to sign a final peace agreement.
Nankabirwa said the Ugandan government has accepted Machar's request but supported the donor's diversion of the funds to the war-ravaged region to support recovery efforts.
Uganda’s Minister of State for Defense Ruth Nankabirwa says she does not think the rebels are being sincere in their refusal to return to Juba.
Nankabirwa said she is aware of some people’s discomfort in Juba as the venue for the peace talks.
Nankabirwa said she is hopeful that peace talks will proceed and that a long-lasting peace can be found.
Nankabirwa said reports that the rebel leader killed his deputy, Okot Odhiambo, were a concoction.
But, Nankabirwa said that was a maverick scheme used by Kony to derail the conclusion of the talks.
Nankabirwa said media reports of disagreements and fighting in the LRA ranks, particularly between rebel leader Joseph Kony and his right-hand man Vincent Otti, have not been confirmed by government.
Nankabirwa said the troops were closing in on the rebels and were recovering more items around the LRA base in Camp Swahili.
16-week junior Staff course, 11 did a three-month French course and 20 undertook a two-week International Humanitarian Law course Nankabirwa said training army officers was a sign of peace and stability in the country.
On Wednesday, state minister for defence Ruth Nankabirwa said Ugandan forces were dropping flyers urging the rebels to gather at designated areas to avoid being attacked.
Nankabirwa said the government does not expect much resistance in Parliament because Uganda as a member of the African Union is obliged to send peacekeepers to Somalia.
KAMPALA, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni will soon attend peace talks with northern Uganda rebels to reassure them that the government is committed to the process, Deputy Defense Minister Ruth Nankabirwa said Wednesday.
Nankabirwa said military casualty figures across the region in recent weeks were higher than those it had suffered elsewhere, including in battles with the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army in the north.
Nankabirwa was referring to the killing in October of 16 government soldiers, including a senior army officer.
accusations Nankabirwa said were excuses against the operations.
Uganda Defence minister Ruth Nankabirwa said the members were committed to support the force.
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Ruth Nankabirwa said the oil would help eradicate poverty and deny the opposition one of the propaganda tools they were using to criticise the government.
Speaking during a pass out of middle level military officers, who had just completed various courses at Gadaffi Junior Staff College in Jinja on Thursday, Ms Nankabirwa said they regretted that innocent lives had to be lost.
Nankabirwa has not been doing any revision for she failed her methodology quantitative and qualitative paper.
Nankabirwa said the trip was aimed to find out whether the rebels had assembled at the assembly area.
Nankabirwa said the government was involving parliamentarians, civic, cultural and religious leaders to mobilise the population for peace in an apparent effort to bring on board the war-affected population of northern Uganda.
Minister Ruth Nankabirwa described the NRM party as a baby who is going into multiparty politics with parties that are experts at vote rigging and but added with the support of the ordinary people, the NRM baby was assured of victory.
Ruth Nankabirwa said that the ruling parties in Uganda and South Africa have good relationship.
Ugandan Defence Minister Ruth Nankabirwa said the GOSS has continued to ferry food supplies to the rebels even when evidence shows that they are not camped at designated assembly points.
Ugandan Defence Minister Ruth Nankabirwa said the Government of Southern Sudan has continued to ferry food supplies to the rebels even when evidence shows that they are not camped at designated assembly points at Owiny Ki-bul and Ri Kwangba.
KAMPALA, Dec 01, 2003 Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rebels are operating a training camp in areas under Sudanese army control, the state minister for defence, Ruth Nankabirwa has said.
Nankabirwa said Uganda did not want to blame Khartoum for this, because Sudanese President General Omar El Bashir had said his government was not involved, but rather indisciplined officers within his army.
Ultimate MediaThe State Minister of Defense, Ruth Nankabirwa has said that the current troops deployed in war torn Somalia are not enough to combat the militants and keep peace.
Nankabirwa says that many countries had promised to deploy their troops to the war torn country but have not yet sent troops there.
Ultimate MediaThe Minister of State for Defense, Ruth Nankabirwa has defended the disarmament exercise the Uganda people’s Defense Forces has been carrying out in Karamoja region.
Nankabirwa says that the disarmament exercise has seen the army recovering many guns and helped bring stability in Karamoja region and neighbouring areas.
Nankabirwa says security situation in Karamoja and neighbouring areas has imported since disarmament exercise started.
Nankabirwa says the disarmament exercise will continue until Karamoja region is rid of guns in the hands of civilians.
Ruth Nankabirwa is Uganda’s minister for defense.
Nankabirwa denied speculation that the government’s alternative peace plan would have a negative effect on the ongoing negotiations between the government and the LRA rebels.
Nankabirwa said Ugandans wanted to ascertain if the government has the capacity to protect civilians.
Despite the challenges, Nankabirwa says the relationship between the military and civilians is improving because of the confidence building measures currently being undertaken: She adds that a total of 4,842 guns have so far been forcefully received while 1,026 guns voluntarily received as a result of the ongoing Karamoja Disarmament Exercise.
Vincent Otti was recently quoted in the British media saying that if the ICC does not withdraw its indictment of the LRA top brass, war is likely to resume in the North.
State minister for defence Ruth Nankabirwa said the fighters surrendered following increased pressure by the joint military forces from Congo, Sudan and Uganda.
But Defence State Minister Ruth Nankabirwa said those who have doubts about the raid should wait for the pictures of the attack, including the dead.