Minister of State for Microfinance Salim Saleh of Uganda

Saleh was later made a platoon commander of a UNLA unit in Moroto District.
Salim Saleh joined his brother's National Resistance Army (NRA) and the guerilla war known as "the bush war", that would last until 1986.
Salim Saleh was specifically implicated in a UN Security Council report for being involved in the illegal exploitation of natural resources from Congo (DRC) during the Second Congo War.
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Salim Saleh has denied press reports that he wrote a confidential letter to President Yoweri Museveni advising him to abandon the third term project for the sake of unity in the Movement.
Saleh has also clarified that he supports a third term for President Museveni to complete the unfinished business, but said the issue must be decided by the people in a national referendum.
Speaking through Nkamuhayo Kihura-Nkuba Rwacumika, a director at Kampala-based Pan African Centre, Saleh said the letter did not exist.
Saleh was contacted on phone and he declined to comment saying he needed clearance of the commandant of the Army Staff College in Kimaka, Jinja where he is attending a senior commanders’ course-Editor.
It doesn’t mean that if Saleh says no comment or this is not true, you should go and print falsehood,” he said.
Rwacumika said Saleh supports a third term for President Museveni.
Aide says Saleh supports third term SUPPORTS 3rd TERM: Saleh By Felix Osike LT.
Salim Saleh has denied press reports that he wrote a confidential letter.
00 (USD) - from 1996-2000 but for 4-years, from 2000-2004, General Saleh had become very close to Van Brink and his financial business affairs, and although Brink paid General Saleh plenty of money for 'special security protection' he also did the General favors such as writing a presentation for Saleh to present before a United Nations Security Council Committee investigating General Saleh for a multitude of crimes that dealt with diamonds and precious metals smuggling operations, money-laundering in foreign bank accounts, associations with al-Qaeda terrorists in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and more.
Within 2-years of Brink's arrest in 2004, General Saleh was appointed by his step-brother Uganda President Museveni in 2006 to become the Uganda government Minister of Microfinance.
On December 10, 2005 Van Brink died in Wilsonville, Oregon but according to Brink before he died, General Saleh was actually charging him incredibly great monthly payments as extortion for Brink to receive the 'special security protection' General Saleh had afforded him since 2000, and when Brink could pay no more, 45-days thereafter Brink was arrested by Kampala, Uganda police forces and removed by the F.
Kampala (Uganda) - General Salim Saleh has reached an agreement with the LRA in the Kenyan town of Mombasa that is likely to lead to a resumption of the stalled Juba peace talks.
2007 "The agreement negotiated by General Saleh takes away (that) stumbling block for progress in the negotiations by allowing LRA fighters that were supposed to assemble in Owiny-Kibul to move to the camp in Ri-Kwangba and join the rest of the LRA forces that are supposed to assemble there.
Saleh was prompted by the Porter report to explore the option of suing the UN.
From October 1999 thru March 2004 ( 45-days before Brink's arrest ) Saleh had been extorting Brink for his monthly 'security' payments amounting - over the course of 4-1/2 years - to hundreds of thousands of dollars Brink had routed by FIBG bank wire transfers into Salim Saleh controlled Victoria Group companies - operated out-of the Diamond Trust Bank Ltd.
In spite of these reports, Salim Saleh was never punished for the 'purchase of this dysfunctional military equipment.
Saleh was reportedly attracted to Gen.
Saleh was one of three members of the team that investigated the ghost-soldier scam forming the basis of the trial of Gen.
Saleh had been in contact with Gen.
In deal after deal, including a lion's share of several Defence procurements, Saleh has emerged making this Robin Hood argument.
Interestingly, even as he went about amassing his controversial wealth, Saleh remained popular with large sections of the public.
True, Saleh is also a personable fellow as I should know since he is my friend.
Saleh turned the tables and rushed out a statement saying he had withdrawn from the job.
Progressively, Saleh was pushed into the hands of people who did not understand him, some of whom were cynical about the history that brought him to prominence, and - more importantly - were more worldly than him.
By stepping into the Greenland fray, and spreading himself so wide into business, Saleh had gone well beyond the official area where he would always be ensured of some protection.
Saleh is said to have pushed for a public outing, but most of his Greenland colleagues resisted.
investigators concluded last fall that Saleh was using the security company to train a paramilitary group that would look after his commercial interests in Congo.
At least Saleh was kind enough to apologise for the inevitable delay, announcing that it was his lunch break.
Saleh has a chronic illness and has been in very bad shape recently, that is why he had to miss something important for his brothers regime like CHOGM.
Over the past many years, Saleh has been going to Europe for an expensive medical procedure to manage his condition.
Ali Abdullah Saleh is a leader of a tender-hearted , the whole should ally with his historic leadership.
Salim Saleh has featured in controversies regarding corruption, including being implicated by the UN Security Council for plundering natural resources in Congo (DRC.
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At 26 years of age, Saleh had become a legend.
Soon after coming to power, Saleh was posted as Chief of Combat Operations in northern Uganda.
Back in Kampala, the army chiefs were not impressed and Saleh was court martialled and sentenced to a reprimand for endangering the life of a senior officer (him) and his crew.
In 1998, for instance, Saleh had to resign as special adviser to the President when his attempts to acquire Uganda Commercial Bank were botched.
The pardon was granted, but public interest in how Saleh had amassed his wealth reached new levels.
Yet in spite of all this, with critics wondering how the revolutionaries that had risked their lives to oust bad governments were eating their own babies, Saleh remained a well-loved man by the people.
The visibly enraged Saleh said he is perturbed by the developments in Masindi and that he would not hesitate to that channel the close to half a billion shillings that was allocated to Masindi, elsewhere.
1977 - 1978)to Parliament, which was dissolved by Al-Hamdi’s June 13 movement); consequently, the IPC was dissolved.
Re-electionSaleh was elected Secretary-General of the General People’s Congress (GPC) on Aug 30, 1982.
Abdul Aziz Abdul-Ghani from the GPCAccordingly, Saleh was elected Presidential Council chairman while Al-Beidh was vice chairman.
Parliament extended the current Presidential Council pPresident Saleh joined the army when he was 16 and rose through the ranks to become field marshal.
Abdul Aziz Abdul-Ghani from the GPCSaleh was elected president of the council and Al-Beidh was vice president.