Minister for Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa of Uganda

Sam Kahamba Kutesa has been the foreign minister of Uganda since January 13, 2005.
For his part, Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa praised Iran's courageous stances on international issues, and stressed Iran's entitlement to the use of civilian nuclear technology.
We must take into account our own culture and our own diversity and our own understanding of how to organizing them, Kutesa said in an exclusive interview with IRNA on the sidelines of the NAM Ministerial meeting on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity.
Minister Kutesa comes at the invitation of the British Government and the trip is organised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa said on Tuesday the military drive was to force the rebels back to the peace process, whose final agreement Kampala has signed.
According to the statement issued on Monday, Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa said the political focus of the said meeting, relating to African integration and the.
In a statement issued yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa said the political focus of the said meeting, relating to African integration and the.
Apparently, Kutesa is considered to be the richest Ugandan politician since independence.
Kutesa has been attacked by many upcoming politicians who resent his wanting to be the only bull in the Sembabule kraal.
Sentongo refused to accept defeat, arguing that he had been defeated in the Electoral College only because Kutesa had used his enormous financial muscle to ensure Muhumza won.
Kutesa had branded Sentongo a member of the opposition Forum for Democratic (FDC) party.
Kutesa only bull in Sembabule Foes and friends claim that Kutesa has built up this cult-like personality in Sembabule to the extent that he feels he is the only one who must be listened to and only his decisions should be respected.
Mr Simon kimbugwe, a councilor, says Kutesa is a moderniser.
The problem with Kutesa is that he thinks it is him only who has a right to think for Sembabule and nobody else should contribute,” said the LCV chairman Herman Sentongo in an interview.
What continues to puzzle most people is how Kutesa has managed to juggle the various volatile regimes that have ruled Uganda.
Kutesa was born in Sembabule to a very religious family.
DR CONGO president Joseph Kabila in a meeting with foreign affairs minister Sam Kutesa said he regretted the recent border incidents with Uganda.
Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa was yesterday named in a fresh financial scandal involving what MPs termed as irregular payment of taxpayers’ money to a London Law firm Hunton Williams.
Mr Kutesa took personal charge of the project in which the London law firm was contracted to advise the government on foreign public relations and specifically to help improve the image of President Yoweri Museveni’s government in Europe.
Daily Monitor exclusively reported about Mr Kutesa’s connection to Hunton Williams on May 26, 2005 – exposing the fact that the Foreign Minister’s daughter – Elizabeth Kutesa had worked for the London law firm.
His critics allege that Kutesa has a sharp sense for money so much that he never fails to know when and where the deal is cooking.
Kutesa was cited in the involvement in the electoral mess.
Amidst all these accusations, Kutesa remains a quiet man.
Here are the findings: Kutesa is indeed a moneyman.
Contrary to the public belief that Kutesa is a mafia, Sam is actually loved by many politicians both in power and in the opposition.
It is said Kutesa is one NRM guru who was once in DP but has still remained in touch with his former DP friends.
Outside politics, Kutesa is a nice guy," an opposition official told Grapevine.
Other than his flooding wealth, Kutesa is said to be generous to the extent that many businessmen in Kampala have made progress in their trade because of his support.
Grapevine was told that in Sembabule, Kutesa is however a bitter man.
Kutesa was carrying the budget,” Kabatsi said.
Jendayi Frazer, in New York recently, Kutesa expressed concern that the LRA had not assembled although they had signed the agreement.
Kutesa said DP and FDC did not field their party candidates for the LC5 seat in favour of Ssentongo.
Kutesa said Uganda would not allow rebels seeking to destabilise the DRC to have bases in Uganda.
Kutesa said this during the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers of the states of the Great Lakes Region and the Horn of Africa at Speke Resort munyonyo.
Kutesa said sanctions would not have any impact on solving the rebel problem.
Kutesa said the Government also wants the convicts to be deported so that they could serve their sentence in Uganda.
Ultimate MediaThe Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sam Kutesa has assured the opposition that members of the opposition will be involved in the open CHOGM events and activities.
But Sam Kutesa says that the leader of the opposition in parliament, Prof.
Kutesa says that opposition MPs will also be able to see and interact with the Queen and other leaders of Commonwealth countries when they address the Parliament of Uganda on November 22nd.
Sam Kutesa is Uganda’s foreign minister.
Kutesa said the government dose not see the reason why there should be a change in venue for the peace talks.
Kutesa said the government would not change the venue for the current peace talks in Juba even if the rebels formally demanded it.
Kutesa said the LRA has refused to assemble at the designated assembly points thereby breaking the truce they signed with the government.
Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa says his country has no plans to attack the Democratic Republic of Congo, but will defend its own territory.
Kutesa has departed Congos capital, Kinshasa, following talks with President Joseph Kabila late Monday that focused on defusing tension caused by recent border violence.
Speaking about the July 2005 referendum that overhauled this system, Kutesa said the government recommended that there be a referendum and we campaigned vigorously and won.