Minister of State for Tourism Serapio Rukundo of Uganda

Quoting Winston Churchill's observation about Uganda in 1908, Rukundo said the ministry's grand agenda was to market the country that Churchill called the Pearl of Africa.
Rukundo said four more gorilla families will be habituated, to bring the total of ready-to-track gorilla families to eight by the end of 2009.
Tourism state minister Serapio Rukundo has declined a demand by Kapchorwa district leaders to give part of the Mt.
Residents of Arua are beginning to position themselves to tap into the windfall of tourism in the area after the Minister of State for Tourism Serapio Rukundo said the government plans to revitalize tourism in the area.
Mr Rukundo said the government was committed to invest in the lucrative business which has many opportunities.
Rukundo said the tourism sector was missing out on a number of international exposure due to lack of funding.
John's Minor Seminary, Kiburara, Rukundo described tourism as the leading foreign exchange earner, bringing in about sh8b annually.
Rukundo said the continued encroachment on the park by the Basongora pastoralists was a major threat to both the flora and fauna of the park.
An excited state minister for tourism Serapio Rukundo said it would accelerate the development of the sector.
The tourism state minister, Serapio Rukundo has warned hotels against hiking prices for the commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) soon to be hosted by Uganda.
April 19: Tourism State Minister, Serapio Rukundo says the over 8,000 encroachers in Mt.
Serapio Rukundo is a Member of Parliament for Kabale Municipality, Kabale district.
We have started initiatives to join hands with the communities to welcome and house tourists,” Rukundo said at the Akright Kakungulu Satellite City on Entebbe Road.
Rukundo said he would write to UWA to the cancel the deal, saying “You cannot have all people complaining and think that the investment is going to be secure.
MUKONO - Ugandans are too generous to be rich, tourism state minister Serapio Rukundo has said.
Rukundo said the number of tourists visiting the park, formerly one of the most popular in Uganda, had dropped sharply because the reserve was filling up with thousands of domestic cows.
Rukundo said local pastoralists had taken the opportunity to settle in the park when refugees fleeing Democratic Republic of Congo's 1998-2003 war trickled across the border into the area.
Rukundo says that some of the huts at the Cultural center in the Uganda Museum had been attacked by weevils and were leaking.
Speaking at the same function, tourism state minister Serapio Rukundo said the Government planned to integrate the Batwa and other minority groups in all government programmes.
Kidepo  in negotiations with investors like Kempinski Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Sheraton Hotels and Serena Hotels to construct these hotels by 2012,” Rukundo said while launching the Peal of Africa Tree at Akright Kakungulu satellite city on Entebbe road.