Minister of State for Public Service Sezi Mbaguta of Uganda

These arrears have been outstanding for far too long a period," Ms Mbaguta said while defending her ministry's policy statement.
Ms Mbaguta said the current Government pension scheme was written in 1946 and was no longer tenable as size of the civil service has grown over the years.
Ultimate MediaThe State Minister for Pensions, Sezi Mbaguta has assured Ugandans who are supposed to get pensions that government is committed to paying their benefits.
Mbaguta says the allocation of 50 billions to settle the benefits of pensioners is commitment from government to pay the beneficiaries their entitlements.
THE ministry of public service is to clear pension arrears amounting to sh51b this financial year, state minister Sezi Mbaguta has said.
Mbaguta was appearing before the parliamentary public service committee on Thursday chaired by William Wopuwa.
Mbaguta said the ministry would clear all pension arrears through increased budget support.