Minister of State for Transport Simon Ejua of Uganda

Transport state minister Simon Ejua said the sh1.
State Minister for Transport Simon Ejua has asked movement cadres in Yumbe District to associate with opposition supporters, saying such close association makes it easy to convince them to join the NRM.
Speaking over the weekend to student teachers of St John Bosco Lodonga PTC who are undergoing basic military science (Chaka-mchaka) at the college, Mr Ejua said this should be adopted as one of the core strategies for securing a forth term for President Museveni.
Minister of State for Transport Simon Ejua said that he could not say whether the two occupants died in the crash, but described their injuries as fatal.
Apparently, when Ejua met Monica Amaniyo Edemachu about two years ago, he had a partner, whom he had wed in a customary ceremony.
An accountant by profession, Ejua was well-known in Arua long before he joined politics.
Ejua is the only MP who always endeavours to honour every invitation he receives.
Ejua says that RVR has dealt with issues of majority shareholder which were holding them back from undertaking some of the reforms, and the company is expected to have restructured for better performance before the end of the first month of 2009.