Minister for Gender, Labor, and Social Affairs Syda Bumba of Uganda

Bbumba said the conference aims at promoting gender equality, accelarate womens empowerment as well as paving way for Global Gender Policy.
Bumba said global warming had also increased the rate of evaporation on the lake, reducing the amount of water available for use by the country's two hydropower stations, Kiira and Nalubaale, near the source of the River Nile.
WHEN daring David Ntege last year made a sectarian remark to President Museveni at a rally in Nakaseke that, “Disitulikiti yaffe wagiwa balaalo” (you gave away our district to herdsmen), he earned nine months’ imprisonment.
Thus Bumba is facing an uphill task in winning back the hearts of her constituents in the southern part of Nakaseke who accuse her of “betrayal.
While address guests in Mukono, minister for gender and labour Syda Bumba said Lugazi and Goma sub- counties in Mukono district had the highest cases of child abuse.
But her black record did not stop her landing other juicy jobs becase her Godmother Syda Bumba was able to abuse her influence and ensured she got to managerial level in the enrgey sector.
Noting that the rural areas of Uganda were underpowered, Bumba said a few projects were at hand, including proposals to generate between 50 and 75 MW of power using municipal waste, with a focus on using geothermal electricity in some areas of the country.
Bumba said Bujagali could be ready by 2009 and three years later, another power station at Karuma would add 150 MW onto the national grid.
Ultimate MediaThe Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Syda Bumba has called for more concerted efforts to reduce domestic violence in Uganda.
Bumba says civil society organsiations should help government to educate people about the negative effects of domestic violence and to empower women to defend themselves against domestic violence.
Bumba says the civil society organizations should work together with government to reduce domestic violence through necessary legislation and mass sensitization campaigns.
Ultimate MediaThe outgoing Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Hajjat Syda Bumba has said load shedding will reduce in the next six weeks.
But Bumba says next week two thermal generators are coming and will be installed with in three weeks at Mutundwe in Kampala.