Minister for Relief and Disaster Preparedness Tarsis Kabwegyere of Uganda

The Minister of Disaster Preparedness, Relief and Refugees Tarsis Kabwegyere said the joint team of miners from the Prime Minister's Office, the Uganda People's Defense Force (UPDF) and the Police had been formed to carry out the exercise.
Kabwegyere said the leaders will make a solemn declaration by which they will be expected to commit themselves to taking concrete measures to address the root causes of forced displacement, strengthen the assistance for the continent's millions of refugees and internally displaced persons.
only, ungodly, but also contrary to humanitarian interests.
very disturbing character in the government of President Museveni.
Mr Kabwegyere said for some areas which received enough rains for planting season, were hit by severe drought in April, two months prior to harvest, saying planting materials distributed to promote food security had gone to waste.
Mr Kabwegyere said UN's food agency, World Food Programme, which complements government's efforts in providing food relief, is also reported to be experiencing food shortages.
Inter-ministerial committee meeting in July pointed out the need to put in place measures to tackle global warming and climate change," Mr Kabwegyere had said.
Kabwegyere says that people who perpetuate the existence of the rebels are not only, ungodly, but also contrary to humanitarian interests.
First of all, I would like to say that the minister, professor Tarsis Kabwegyere is a very disturbing character in the government of President Museveni.
I am not happy with the return progress because not everybody has gone back home and whatever you give the people, as long as they fear for their lives, they will not go home," Kabwegyere said on Tuesday.
Uganda’s Disaster Preparedness Minister, Tarsis Kabwegyere says unusually heavy rains are especially expected in eastern Uganda, where an estimated 3.
Kabwegyere said the government has set aside $3.
They have poisoned and affected all creatures thus putting our lives at stake,” Kabwegyere said in an interview after a fish symposium meeting at the Uganda Manufacturers Association Conference Hall at Lugogo in Kampala.
Kabwegyere is currently on a four-day visit to Egypt for talks with Egyptian officials on the Golden Spear initiative.
In a brief to Parliament on the refugee situation in Kanungu on Friday, Kabwegyere said that information from western Uganda indicates that an estimated 10,000 refugees crossed the border on Thursday, through Ishasha town.
Kabwegyere said the new arrivals tell stories of fresh fighting around the town of Rutshuru, which is located 70km north of Goma, the North Kivu provincial capital.
On Thursday, Kabwegyere said about 1,000 people were transported to Nakivaale, and more were expected to be moved.
Kabwegyere said the government had earmarked $11.
Kabwegyere says that the ministry is working with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) to set up reception centers at the entry points to ensure that the numbers are confirmed so that government can provide adequate resources and help.
Kabwegyere says regional integration is the best thing for the East African region to achieve sustainable development through collective harnessing and maximum utilization of the region's resources.