Deputy Prime Minister Hryhoriy Nemyrya of Ukraine

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and International Integration Hryhoriy Nemyrya held a meeting with a delegation of the European Parliament Group “Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.
In his turn, Hryhoriy Nemyrya expressed satisfaction with a constructive stand of the Europarliamentarians on Ukraine and expressed hope that in future this authoritative institution of the European Union would play a proactive role in issues of Eurointegration prospects of Ukraine.
Today Vice Prime Minister for European and International Integration Hryhoriy Nemyrya is on working visit to Poland.
Minister Nemyrya has kindly agreed to engage in an active dialog with Chamber Members focused on current state and future prospects of the European Union and Ukraine relations, negotiations on a new enhanced agreement, document which goes beyond the established framework of co-operation and opens a new stage in EU-Ukraine relations.
Working in conditions of constitutional imperfection, the government remains, in fact, the sole island of stability in the country.
Today Vice Prime Minister for European and International Integration Hryhoriy Nemyrya met with vice president of the Mitsui Japan company Hiroshi Tada.
Deputy Prime Minister Hryhoriy Nemyrya is on duty in the cabinet.
Hryhoriy Nemyrya chaired a delegation of Ukraine left for London on Wednesday for discussing accedence of Ukraine to the WTO with EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mendelson.
Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Hryhoriy Nemyrya said Thursday he is hoping for a positive decision on joining the membership action plan, which is an integral step for future NATO membership.
Nemyrya said that all the steps required by the Ukraine-NATO 2008 Target Action Plan have been completed and that he is hoping for a favorable decision from NATO officials at the Bucharest summit scheduled for April 2-4, Ukraine government news reported.
Ukraine hopes for a positive decision on joining of our state to the membership action plan during the NATO Summit in Bucharest," Nemyrya said in a statement.
Nemyrya is one of a group of well-educated and reform-minded ministers who have become the vital center of the new Tymoshenko government.
Educated both in Ukraine and the United States, Nemyrya has in his short tenure led the negotiations that solved an impasse with the European Commission over WTO accession issues related to Ukraine’s penchant for export duties.
Nemyrya said that preparations had already been made for the beginning of negotiations.
The VPM emphasized what the government is calling the “Tymoshenko Transparency Initiative (TTI)” and their “Contract With Investors,” Nemyrya said that as a part of TTI, he will head the Government Committee for European and International Integration.