Minister of Science and Education Ivan Vakarchuk of Ukraine

It is thus clear that if the education ministry and its head Ivan Vakarchuk had not taken a patriotic stand, there would have been no miracle.
the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences.
Rector of Ivan Franko State University in Lviv.
Vakarchuk has published widely both in this country and abroad.
philosophy of science and some others.
Lviv University in the field of physics.
State Awards and Heraldic Commission (since 2005.
the Distinguished Figure of Ukraine in Science and Technology (in 2006.
life not just in Lviv and Halychyna but also in the entire Ukraine.
Volodymyr Ogryzko - the Foreign Minister of Ukraine.
autonomy and reform of higher education.
Vakarchuk has completed over 200 scientific works.
demonstrations and the rector refused to punish these students.
Ivan Vakarchuk was appointed the Education and Science Minister of Ukraine;Yosyp Vinskyi - the Transport and Communication Minister of Ukraine;Vassyl Vovkun - the Culture and Tourism Minister of Ukraine;Bogdan Danilishyn - the Economics Minister of Ukraine;Ludmyla Denisova - the Labour and Social Policy Minister of Ukraine;Vassyl Knyazevych - the Health Minister of Ukraine;Petro Krupko - the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;Vassyl Kuibida - the Building and Regional Development Minister of Ukraine;Oleksiy Kucherenko - the Housing and Communal Services Minister;Yuri Lutsenko - the Interior Minister of Ukraine;Yuri Melnyk - the Agrarian Policy Minister of Ukraine;Volodymyr Novytskyi - the Industrial Policy Minister of Ukraine;Mykola Onyshchuk - the Justice Minister of Ukraine;Yuri Pavlenko – the Family, Youth and Sport Minister of Ukraine;Victor Pynzenyk - the Finance Minister of Ukraine;Victor Poltavets - the Coal Industry Minister of Ukraine;Yuri Prodan - the Fuel and Energy Minister;Georgiy Phylypchuk - the Environmental Protection Minister of Ukraine;Volodymyr Shandra - the Emergency Minister of Ukraine;Yuri Ekhanurov - the Defence Minister of Ukraine;Volodymyr Ogryzko - the Foreign Minister of Ukraine.
The Party of Regions intend to initiate the dismissal of Education Minister Ivan Vakarchuk, claiming his order #461 of May 26, 2008 “On the 2008-2011 program to improve the teaching of Ukrainian in secondary schools with schooling in the languages of national minorities” violates constitutional rights of ethnic minorities in Ukraine, PoR press service said July 11.