Ambassador to the US Oleh Shamshur of Ukraine

Oleh Shamshur was appointed Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States by President Yuschenko in December 2005.
Ambassador Shamshur is fluent in English, French, and Russian, and holds a doctoral degree in history from Kyiv University.
Commenting on the dangerous flare up with Russia over gas prices at the end of last year, Ambassador Shamshur said the crisis had been a “wake-up call to Ukraine,” alerting it to the need to deal with the energy issue soon.
Ambassador Shamshur said it is now up to the Ukrainian and American business leaders to work together to achieve success, now that most barriers to business have been removed.
Shamshur has served as ambassador of Ukraine to the United States since 2005.
During the dialogue Ambassador Shamshur was informed of the vast contributions the Chicago community has delivered not only locally but on a national scale, supporting Ukrainian American initiatives where needed.
Shamshur was encouraged by the response from Pittsburgh companies Eaton Corporation and Westinghouse, among others, and firmly stated Ukraine's commitment to building a transparent democracy and integrating with the West.
Shamshur expressed his gratitude to UCHI and the Pittsburgh Ukrainian community for their work with Donets'k and Eastern and Southern Ukraine.
that are based permanently in Ukraine to the US.
Ambassador Shamshur praised Verveer, a third-generation Ukrainian-American, for her work in government and at Vital Voices to support Ukraine: “She made sure that people in power in Washington understood Ukraine and helped Ukraine to solidify its independence, promote reforms and democratic change in Ukraine – which is very important.
Ambassador Shamshur was also a visiting scholar at the University College in London (1993), and he held various posts at the Institute of Social and Economic Problems of Foreign Countries at the Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, including director of programs (1981-93.
Shamshur said that a reunification of the two democratic forces is not only possible, but indispensable.