Minister of Communal Services Oleksiy Kucherenko of Ukraine

construct and develop separate highway sections.
The Municipal Economy Ministry of Ukraine is considering the possibility of involving private investors to the sector, Municipal Economy Minister Oleksiy Kucherenko said at a press conference in Kyiv on Thursday.
Kucherenko said that the leasing as a way of attracting investment is the worse form of private-state partnership, and advised to prefer concessions to local authorities.
Kucherenko has always been present at the meetings of the political council of the party and the Our Ukraine faction meetings.
comOn today's session the governmentapproved the draft bill on the state program of reformation and development ofthe housing and communal services, the minister Oleksiy Kucherenko said at thebriefing.
Kucherenko was MP in the Verkhovna Rada of three convocations.