Minister of Culture and Tourism Vasyl Vovkun of Ukraine

Vasyl Vovkun's dream to bring high culture to everyoneDirector Vasyl Vovkun is a remarkable figure in the world of culture of today's Ukraine - he is a theatre director, director of official ceremonies and spectacular shows, traveller, collector, public figure and excellent conversationalist, all rolled into one.
Vovkun has been indefatigably seeking to wrap a golden curtain of understanding and mutual respect around spectacles that take place on city squares and arenas, rejecting the fake glamour of declarations about equality and fraternity for those standing on and near the podium, or those watching it on television.
Vovkun lives with the understanding that there is no provincialism in culture (Kateryna Bilokur and Franz Kafka, his favorite geniuses, did not make a name for themselves in capital cities.
Kyiv (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Ministry of Culture and Tourism believes there is a need to develop a program to boost Ukraine's image abroad, Minister of Culture and Tourism Vasyl Vovkun said at a press conference in Kyiv on Monday.
Vovkun said that he had recently held a meeting with the foreign minister, at which it was agreed to meet with public organizations that deal with the problems of the Ukrainian Diaspora.
According to him, the Culture Ministry and the Foreign Ministry are at a critical point regarding the issue of spending on improving Ukraine's image.
Vovkun said the measure should have been implemented gradually over two years with a rising percentage of Russian and other foreign language films shown in Ukrainian.