Secretary of the Presidential Secretariat Viktor Baloha of Ukraine

Baloha said that Yushchenko could propose Tarasyuk again, as appointing the foreign minister falls under the president's powers.
Baloha has been sounding out the possibility of forming a new pro-president party, and the resignation of the 'Baloha five' has most probably received the blessing of Yushchenko.
President Yushchenko's Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha has terminated his membership of the pro-presidential 'Our Ukraine' party.
Head of the Ukrainian presidential secretariat Viktor Baloha said Friday that the Constitutional Court of Ukraine has lost its authority with Thursday's appointment of Valeri Pshenischny as chief justice after former Chief Justice Ivan Dombrovsky abruptly resigned Thursday.
Baloha said Pshenischny cannot serve as chief justice because he was previously dismissed from the court by Yushchenko in April.
Verdict awaitedBaloha said that Yushchenko could propose Tarasyuk again, as appointing the foreign minister falls under the president's powers.
Ever since Tymoshenko was named Prime Minister last December, Baloha has gone to great lengths to undercut her.
Despite repeated efforts, Baloha was unable to dislodge Tymoshenko because the parliamentary majority underpinning her government was difficult to manipulate.
But, stoking the fires of indignation at Tymoshenkos betrayal, Baloha was able to achieve the collapse of the Our Ukraine - BYuT coalition.
Rumors of the degree to which Baloha has come to dominate Yushchenkos actions and even thinking have reached legendary proportions.
200707:22 (GMT)Our Ukraine party MP Viktor Korol has asked President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to postpone his nomination as the State Security Service (SBU) chief, Secretariat Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha said on Monday, according to the President`s press-office, UNIAN reports.
Baloha said Korol saw the Ohryzko vote as a test showing whether the parliamentary coalition is ready to constructively cooperate with the president or not.
3) In fact, Baloha is correct that inflation is the most difficult issue currently facing the government, and one that must be adequately addressed.
Baloha is looking forward to reaching a consensus with the Donetsk people.
The head of the presidential secretariat Viktor Baloha has said in a pre-recorded TV interview that an early election is unlikely to he held and that a new coalition should be formed in parliament.
Baloha said that he has "high quality" relations with President Viktor Yushchenko.
The interview with Baloha was shown in a flagship news programme by Ukraine's most popular Inter TV channel on 16 November.
Earlier Viktor Baloha has been actively lobbying for the interests of the Dnipropetrovsk group at Ukrtatnafta," Serhiy Pashynskyy added.
Sidor also denied the statement by the Bloc of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (BYT) that Baloha was behind the Ruthenian movement (Ukrainska Pravda, October 27.
mass deaths of birds had occurred in four new Crimean villages.
Coalition agreement signed, Baloha said political forces accused their Russian-friendly rivals of stalling coalition-forming at the new parliament’s first session on Nov 23, but the real enemy emerged from among their own ranks.
Who is Baloha, and what is his end game? Destroying Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko politically? Ensuring his boss’ reelection in 2010? Bringing peace to all warring factions? Or simply mucking everything up in a selfish power grab?ustify>If that is true, then understanding Baloha is an essential part of understanding the paralysis, infighting and rivalries among Ukraine’s political elite.
To many of them, Baloha is a demon.
Baloha is right in the middle of this conflict, masterminding a scenario for a Yushchenko victory in the next presidential elections,” said Oles Doniy, a lawmaker from the People's SelfDefense Party that has in recent months turned against the president, but formally remains within Yushchenko’s Our Ukraine political bloc.
Eager to establish a new base of support for Yushchenko, whose approval rating has sunk below 10 percent, Baloha has spearheaded the formation of a new political party, Yedyny Tsentr, or United Center Party.
Karasyov refuted claims that Baloha was plotting a coalition composed of Yushchenko and Yanukovych supporters.
Yushchenko suggested as much on March 20 in response to calls from supporters for Baloha’s ouster, when he made his “Baloha is me” comment.
Baloha has purely selfish aims, said Oleh Podebriy, the press secretary of Serhiy Ratushnyak, Uzhgorod mayor and Baloha’s former ally.
Incidentally, his candidature of Baloha is also being lobbied byanother man close to the president - a native of Khoruzhyvka and now editorof Ukrayina Moloda , Mykhaylo Doroshenko.
VIKTOR BALOHA EXPERIENCED'They say that Baloha is quite a successful leader, and his advantage is hisconsiderable experience: Mayor of Mukacheve, governor of Transcarpathia,minister for emergency situations and head of the Our Ukraine regionalelection headquarters at the 2006 parliamentary elections.
Baloha said he will soon initiate a meeting between the government’s ministers and presidential office seeking to resolve the escalating tensions.
The president has warned the Verkhovna Rada against making any decisions regarding the deployment of missile defense systems in the neighboring countries," presidential secretariat chief Viktor Baloha said according to the report.
According to Interfax-Ukraine, Baloha said a long process was about to start in which Yushchenko would have to negotiate with Yanukovych, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, or parliament, and the heads of the various parliamentary groups in Kiev.
It appears that our own reserves of natural gas have not been created in the country,” Baloha said in a statement.
But Baloha said most of this gas, up to 16 billion cubic meters, appears to owned by either RosUkrEnergo, a controversial gas supply monopoly, or UkrGaz-Energo, a joint venture that is de-facto controlled by RosUkrEnergo.
party opposition to him was apparently quite strong, despite Mr.
Baloha said that Yushchenko's office was pleased with the choice to replace Lutsenko with another Socialist.
Speaking in interview with the ICTV television channel on November 30, Presidential Secretariat Head Viktor Baloha expressed confidence that the price of natural gas for Ukraine in 2009 will be less than USD 400 per 1,000 cubic meters.
I believe this issue is off the agenda, and we all understand we will not join MAP," Viktor Baloha said in an interview with Ukraine's ICTV channel broadcast on Sunday.