Minister of Finance Viktor Pynzenyk of Ukraine

Speaking in parliament this month, Pynzenyk said the accord posed risks to the budget and the creditworthiness of Naftogaz Ukrainy, the state gas and oil firm.
Pynzenyk leads the Reform and Order party in the March 26 election to a parliament with expanded powers: parties making up a majority will in effect be empowered to choose the next prime minister.
Ukraine's Finance Minister Viktor Pynzenyk met with an IMF team on Thursday.
In a statement, Pynzenyk said "the parties discussed a situation of influence the world financial crisis had on the economy of Ukraine.
Press Release: "Finance Minister Victor Pynzenyk met with the IMF experts.
Pynzenyk has been credited with economic reform in post-Soviet Ukraine, helping transform the country into a market economy and introducing Ukraine's new currency, the hryvnia in September 1996, with the help of Viktor Yushchenko, at the time Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine.
Viktor Pynzenyk was born on April 15, 1954 in Smolohovytsia, in the westernmost Zakarpattia Oblast (province) of the Ukrainian SSR (now Ukraine) to Mykhailo and Mariya Pynzenyk.
Pynzenyk was sworn in to Ukrainian parliament on January 4, 1992, and soon afterwards became a member of the economic reforms working group.
In March 1992, Pynzenyk was elected to the second convocation of the parliament as part of the "Reforms" faction, serving his mandate until April 1998.
In 2002, Pynzenyk was elected as part of the "Our Ukraine" electoral bloc.
Three years later, after the Orange Revolution, Pynzenyk was chosen as the Minister of Economy on February 4, 2005, and served his post until August 2006.
Despite his career in politics, Viktor Pynzenyk is remains a professor at the Lviv University.
Viktor Pynzenyk is married to Mariya Romanivna (b.
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Ukraine's Finance Minister Viktor Pynzenyk has tendered his resignation in protest over a costly gas deal with Russia, leading Internet news site Ukrainska Pravda said on Thursday, quoting government sources.
Pynzenyk has criticized the agreement, which nearly doubled gas import prices for Ukraine, saying it endangered the 2006 budget.
Officials said Pynzenyk was at a meeting.
This is a blow to this credit as Pynzenyk is seen as an orthodox market reformer, who has held the budget together in 2005-06 despite the deteriorating macro situation," Tim Ash, emerging markets analyst at Bear Stearns, said in a note.
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Now Pynzenyk is fifty and Teryokhin is turning forty-two.
Pynzenyk has been appointed Finance Minister.
Their paths first crossed in 1992, when Pynzenyk was Vice Prime Minister in the Kuchma government and Teryokhin was a deputy minister.
Pynzenyk was blamed for all the problems the country was experiencing then (price hikes, hyperinflation, fraudulent trusts, “detrimental” privatizations, etc.
At the post of Finance Minister, Pynzenyk is going to feel very soon that serious changes have taken place in the budgetary sector since he left the government in 1997.
Pynzenyk has to overcome the conflict of interests and amalgamate the Tax Administration, the Treasury, and the Customs under his ministry’s wing.
8 per dollar Thursday, Finance Minister Viktor Pynzenyk said the central bank will sell dollars at a currency auction at 8.
Pynzenyk took much of the credit for the successful introduction of the hryvnia currency in September 1996, together with Viktor Yushchenko, then central bank chairman.
Pynzenyk is a professor of economics and author of more than 400 articles and books.
Finance Minister Viktor Pynzenyk said the government would exceed a privatisation revenue target of USD1.
Finance Minister Viktor Pynzenyk had met the IMF expert mission on Thursday and the two sides discussed the situation concerning the world financial crises and the challenges facing UKraine's financial system.
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Yushchenko’s relationship with Viktor Pynzenyk has a long history, as well as his relationship with Oleksandr Kyreyev, the head of the state tax inspection.