Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko of Ukraine

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Minister Vasiliy Tsushko said Lutsenko had told the ministry he had no information to back the allegations, while Heletei and Tymoshenko refused to talk to ministry officials or file any official statements.
Yuriy Lutsenko received his degree in Engineering in 1989 from Lviv Polytechnical Institute.
Lutsenko was formally dismissed by the Verkhovna Rada on December 1, 2006.
The power-sharing arrangement between Viktor Yushchenko, the countrys pro-Western president, and Viktor Yanukovych, the prime minister, has turned into a tug-of-war for influence.
He said, It seems to me that Lutsenko has gone crazy.
Interior Minister of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko is opposed to attracting foreign workforce in Kyiv.
The NS portion, lead by Lutsenko is all but detached already, and lesser partners, e.
Yuriy Lutsenko was later fired following a subsequent vote.
politician Yuriy Lutsenko was discussed.
Yuriy Lutsenko was visiting the Ukraininan police contingent in Kosovo after a 25-year old member of the contingent, Ihor Kynal, died from injuries sustained during protests on 17 March in the flashpoint town of Mitrovica.
Lutsenko said it was not clear to him “why UNMIK has not allowed the use of deadly force against violent protesters who directed hand grenades against the police in Mitrovica,” but he added that Ukraine forgives UNMIK for actions that led the death of the officer.
A spokesman for the Prosecutor General's Office, Yuriy Boychenko, said Lutsenko is accused of providing firearms worth 143,000 thousand hryvna (US$28,000; €22,000) to people who had no gun licenses.
Lutsenko was a leading organizer of massive street protests against alleged fraud in a 2004 election that gave victory to presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych.
Lutsenko has come under pressure since the Russian-leaning Yanukovych took over the premiership last year, and he was fired by the parliament in December.
Interview: A key figure in the 2004 revolution, Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko is cleaning up the police force.
But now as a system insider, Ukraine Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko is discovering firsthand the hard work of building a new democracy.
Lutsenko says he's learned that creating a clean and fair national police force is one of the most important determinants in a young democracy's success.
Lutsenko says one key to addressing that problem will be getting tighter control of Ukraine's borders, something that requires cooperation from neighbors.
But come what may, tilt East or West, Lutsenko says he is confident democratization will continue.
Lutsenko said that among the charges against Bakay was defrauding the state in gas-purchase deals with Russias Gazprom and Turkmenistan.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ukraines Minister of the Interior Yuriy Lutsenko said the threat of bioterrorism needs to be taken seriously.
Yuriy Lutsenko was elected the minister of internal affairs in December, 2007 for the second time.
Lutsenko was elected the minister of internal affairs in 2005, was one ofthe officials whomanaged to keep the post at management of representatives of different political forces.
Yuriy Lutsenko is married, raises two sons.
Yuriy Lutsenko is a former Maidan “field commander”, ex-“Terminator” and a recent favorite of the President of Ukraine… Much has changed in Yuriy Lutsenko lately.
Lutsenko is being treated by the representatives of different political forces differently.
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Original article in Ukrainian by Viktor Chyvokunya, UPTranslated by Eugene IvantsovYuriy Lutsenko has repeatedly stated that his main political achievement is a good reputation and no ‘dirt’ about him in the press.
Lutsenko had every reason to act so suspiciously.
Lutsenko was rather helpful for Ukrainian Modern Communication when the company received licenses.
Yuriy Lutsenko is a former Maidan field commander, ex-Terminator and a recent favorite of the President of Ukraine.
Lutsenko was a leading organizer of the 2004 Orange Revolution mass protests, and was one of the few remaining Orange Revolution figures still in the government.
Lutsenko had been accused by the commission of failing to reform police agencies, politicizing his office and corruption.
Lutsenko has been calling on thousands of his supporters throughout Ukraine to join a protest march on Kiev in April to put pressure on the government of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych for the failure to start reforms.
At the rallies, Lutsenko has been harshly criticizing the government for poor economic and financial policies, which had worsened people’s living standards.
According to the decree, Mr Lutsenko was decorated for his weighty personal contribution to standing for ideals of democracy, protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens and active participation in statehood contruction.
The People`s Self-Defence Bloc of Yuriy Lutsenko has approved an election list to take part in early parliamentary election scheduled for 27 MayLeaders of parties forming the bloc admitted they had wanted to run for parliament jointly with the propresidential Our Ukraine party, but after their offer to form a large bloc of democratic forces was rejected, they questioned the possibility of unity between democratic forces in future parliament.
The peculiar feature of the People`s Self-Defence Bloc of Yuriy Lutsenko is a great number of young people never seen in big politics before.
relations with the main opposition Party of Regions (PRU.
the election campaign of Oleksandr Moroz.
government flights for private purposes.
of office and reports that Lutsenko had an Israeli passport.
Ukraine party to urge Yushchenko to dissolve parliament.
Yuriy Lutsenko was the only Ukrainian politician we could reach on the phone.