Minister of Foreign Trade Al Qasimi Lubna of United Arab Emirates

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of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.
a position she held for more than seven years.
Sheikha Lubna was Dubai branch manager of the General Information Authority then moved to the Information Systems Department of the Dubai Ports Authority where she was awarded the Distinguished Government Employee Award in 1999.
Sheikha Lubna is a role model to young women in the UAE with an inspiring charisma for young girls.
The remarkable successes Sheikha Lubna has achieved encouraged His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Defence Minister, to appoint the promising young businesswoman as the head of Tejari.
Despite the outstanding successes that Sheikha Lubna has achieved, establishing her well in business, the horizon of her ambition is still wide, with loads of unfulfilled dream ahead.
Being a member of the royal family Sheikha Lubna is a welcome personality in different arenas.
Expressing her vision of change, Sheikha Lubna says to young women, “Look at me! I have already set up an example for young women at home and in the Arab World.
Sheika Lubna is trying to strike a balance between the demands of a modern woman liberal life and the traditional way of life of her indigenous culture.
Sheikha Lubna is the first Emirati woman business leader to be recognized by Thunderbird, the oldest graduate management school in the United States focused solely on preparing international business leaders.
While being welcomed to the Thunderbird board, Sheikha Lubna was recognized for her ongoing commitment to driving the growth of the Middle East's information technology market.
Speaking at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) conference in Dubai, Sheikha Lubna said that the while ICT offers a great deal of opportunity for the region, public and private needed to do more to create the infrastructure and environment for growth.
We are honoured that Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna was present to open this year's Gulfood.
An icon of the emerging Arab woman, Sheikha Lubna has academic credentials both in science and management.
With a progressive and time-bound strategy, I am sure, we will achieve that goal as well,” Sheikha Lubna expresses her vision of the biotech revolution.
Sheikha Lubna took a moment to commend the achievements of women in the UAE, explaining that they currently hold key government and industry positions.
Meanwhile, Shaikha Lubna received Mark Vaile, Australian Minister for Trade.
Member of Sharjah royal family and one of Forbes' 100 most powerful women, Sheikha Lubna took the post of minister for economy and planning of United Arab Emirates in 2004.
information systems department at the Dubai Ports Authority (DPA.
Sheikha Lubna is the United Arab Emirates' Minister for Foreign Trade.
Lubna has succeeded in the e-government frontier, transforming the Dubai government into using the internet for a paperless environment.
How much more one can complement a businesswoman clearly in the upper echelon of society and government, complementing the refinement of procedures? What is to say about the princess who came out of her royal courts to serve her mother country? Sheikha Lubna is a crowned jewel, most definitely.
Minister since 2004, Sheikha Lubna was thrust into the limelight last year when she found herself having to allay fears over Dubai Ports World's controversial attempt to manage major American ports.
A techie with a degree in computer science from California State University, Sheikha Lubna was head of information technology at Dubai Ports Authority.
com where Sheikha Lubna was the senior manager of the information systems department for more than seven years.
Before joining DPA, Sheikha Lubna was the Dubai branch manager for the General Information Authority, the organisation responsible for automating the federal government of the UAE.
the Middle East’s premier electronic business-to-business marketplace.
Since her November 2004 appointment, HH Sheikha Lubna has been responsible for managing the rapid development of the Emirates booming economy and for planning for the nations unprecedented economic growth.
Before joining the Cabinet, HH Sheikha Lubna had already established herself as one of the most dynamic and successful business leaders in the Middle East as the Chief Executive Officer of Tejari, the Middle East's premier electronic business-to-business marketplace that has revolutionized e-commerce in the region.
HH Sheikha Lubna has received worldwide recognition for her leadership including IT Woman of the Year from Datamatix (2001), the Entrepreneurship Award from Great Britain's House of Lords (2004) and the Premio Minerva International Award for her outstanding contribution in politics and economics (2005), among others.
At the time, Sheikha Lubna had already enjoyed a remarkable career as a businesswomen and information technology professional.
Sheikha Lubna is well known and highly regarded as one of the most easily recognizable government officials in the UAE, primarily because of her numerous groundbreaking achievements in both the public and private sectors,” remarked Eckhard Pruy, CEO of Epoc Messe Frankfurt, organizers of the event.
As one of the country's pioneering female professionals in the field of computer engineering, Sheikha Lubna has had extensive experience in handling several technical responsibilities with a number of highly reputed firms, which ultimately led her to a coveted post at Dubai Ports Authority.
Sheikha Lubna has also showcased her exceptional management skills in the corporate world when she was named CEO of Tejari (www.
Moreover, Sheikha Lubna was also appointed Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the UAE's Securities Commodities Authority, serving from 2004 until 2008.
Following her historic tenure as Minister of Economy, Sheikha Lubna was appointed in February 2008 to another highly sensitive post as Minister for Foreign Trade.
In 2001, Sheikha Lubna was appointed as head of the Dubai e-Government executive team, which was responsible for instituting e-Government initiatives throughout the public sector.
Lubna has broken new ground several times over as a woman in the UAE and she believes very strongly that her "life is all for these women (of the Arab world)-- to tell them a good story.
Lubna says she's been a voracious reader since the age of 13.
Lubna is known in the industry as a tough customer and negotiator.
Lubna was also the Chief Executive Officer of Tejari (www.
she held for more than seven years.
Sheikha Lubna is also the Chief Executive Officer of Tejari, the Middle Easts premier electronic business-to-business marketplace.
Prior to managing Tejari, Sheikha Lubna was the senior manager of the information systems department at the Dubai Ports Authority (DPA), a position she held for more than seven years.