Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Muhammad Gargash of United Arab Emirates

Gargash was born in Dubai into a family descended from merchants who left the Iranian side of the Gulf in the late nineteenth century, when the Qajar Empire raised taxes, and settled on land provided by the ruler of Dubai, Shaykh Hashir Al Maktum.
The Mercedes-Benz dealership for Dubai and the northern emirates is the crown jewel of the family business empire, and Anwar Gargash is its executive director.
When his father became ill in the mid-1990s, Gargash was obliged to curtail his academic career and play the central role in the family business.
Gargash is a member of DCCI’s executive committee and heads the chamber’s economic and trade committee.
Gargash has achieved greatest prominence in his role as a government official.
The choice was particularly apt inasmuch as Gargash had made the FNC the subject of his doctoral dissertation.
Internationally, Gargash is respected for helping the U.
s first election, Anwar Gargash has emerged as an important political actor, adding to his regional and international reputation as scholar and businessman.
Gargash said the government was not talking about democracy, merely about broadening popular participation.
Gargash said the UAE government is disappointed with both the quality of research and the questionable and generalised approach taken by the Human Rights Watch in tackling this important issue.
Gargash said police were being trained to investigate for the involvement of human trafficking webs in prostitution cases.
The UAE has been keen to bolster and sustain relations with many countries worldwide, including the kingdom of Denmark, indicating that the UAE respects religious freedom and tolerance among world people,’ Al Gargash said at the meeting.