Minister of State Without Portfolio Maitha Salem Al-shamsi of United Arab Emirates

Maitha Al-Shamsi is currently Assistant Provost for Research at UAE University, where she is also Chair of the Scientific Research Council, Director of the Center for Externally Funded Research Activities (eFORS), and a Member of the Council of Scientific and Educational Affairs.
Al-Shamsi is also involved in a number of local, regional and international social, educational and cultural institutions.
Maitha Al-Shamsi has participated in many regional and international conferences where she has presented scientific papers, and has also completed studies and research in the form of published books, including: The Occupational Realities for Gulf Women (2003), The Changing Role of Women in the United Arab Emirates (2001), and The Impact of the Inflow of Foreign Migration on National Workforce Development: A Field Study of the UAE Services Sector (1999.
Al-Shamsi has won several awards and certificates of recognition, including: the Distinguished Arab Manager (woman) Award 2002, from the H.