Secretary of State for Health Alan Arthur Johnson of United Kingdom

Born in London and orphaned at the age of 12 years when his mother died, Johnson was then effectively brought up by his older sister when the two were assigned a council flat by their child welfare officer.
Johnson joined the Union of Communication Workers, becoming a branch official.
Before entering Parliament Johnson was a member of Labour's National Executive Committee.
Just three weeks before the 1997 general election Johnson was selected to stand for Parliament in the safe Labour seat of Hull West and Hessle when the previous incumbent, Stuart Randall, stood down suddenly.
Johnson has also previously expressed some concerns over diplomas.
Johnson has also opened-up a debate in parliament discussing what parental situation is best.
Although Johnson supported many proposals from the left, he has also been criticised for supporting the reactionary right.
On 24 June 2007, Johnson was narrowly beaten for the deputy leadership by Harriet Harman.
Johnson is open about being an atheist and has categorically stated to the press that he does not believe in the existence of a God.
Alan Johnson is currently the Labour Member of Parliament for Hull West (1) and the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, and the who is being touted in some quarters as a possible Anybody But Brown candidate for the Labour leadership when Tony Blair finally names the day and steps down from office.
As one report puts it "Johnson is curiously coy about how he came to be an MP.
Johnson was briefly a member of the House of Commons Trade and Industry Select Committee until December 1997, when he was given his first government job as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Dawn Primarolo, then Financial Secretary to the Treasury, and subsequently Paymaster-General.
A year later when poor local election results and other problems forced Blair into a cabinet reshuffle in May 2006, Johnson found himself appointed Secretary of State for Education and Skills, taking over from the faltering Ruth Kelly.
Johnson was first married to a friend of his sister named Judith Cox, with whom he had a son and two daughters.
Johnson was the General Secretary of the UCW from 1992 to 1995 and then one of the two joint General Secretaries of the CWU from 1995 until he resigned when elected an MP in May 1997.
difficile cases still fallingBBC News,UK- 5 hours agoHealth Secretary Alan Johnson said the NHS was on track - but said that to meet the target a reduction of at least 30% against the average quarter in.
Johnson is arguably the worst or second worst president in history.
Abraham Lincoln picked Andrew Johnson as his running mate because Johnson was the only Senator from a Confederate state who refused to leave his office and join the Confederacy.
But, Johnson was also a slaveholder, a racist, and a drunkard.
He was uneducated, and unlike Lincoln (who on his own had become remarkably well educated), Johnson was not well read, he was not reflective, and he acted mostly on emotion, especially anger.
Johnson had served in national office for more than twenty years when he ran for Vice President.
When Johnson was first offered the second spot on the ticket he called up John Nance Garner who had served two terms as VP under Franklin D.
Johnson was hired as a neuroradiology attending at Long Island Jewish Medical center, starting the first day after his fellowship was completed.
Johnson was asked to assume the responsibilities of former section chief Dr.
htm#i199771||||||||||||||||Last Edited=10 Jul 2006     Arthur Johnson is the son of Hugh Johnson.
HEALTH minister Alan Johnson has praised paramedics for their `heroic efforts to cope with a huge increase in calls this winter - but would not commit to give them any more resources to avert a crisis.