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Well Britains Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband knows exactly what to do about those fluctuations.
Miliband was elected Labour Member of Parliament for the South Yorkshire constituency of Doncaster North in the 2005 general election.
On 3 October 2008, Miliband was promoted to Secretary of State at the newly created Department of Energy and Climate Change.
Miliband is the son of Marion Kozak and the late Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband (son of Polish-Jewish parents from Warsaw) who fled Belgium during World War II.
Like all Cabinet members, Miliband was appointed to Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council as he works in close proximity to papers of state and the monarch.
On 3 October 2008, Miliband was promoted to the cabinet with the portfolio and responsibility for the newly created government department, the Department of Energy and Climate Change as its Secretary of State after being moved in the cabinet reshuffle whereby previously he was Cabinet Office Minister.
Miliband was teacher of economics at Harvard University in 2002 while on sabbatical; and appointed chair of the Council of Economic Advisers on his return to UK.
The 36-year-old Miliband was educated at Oxford University and London School of Economics and takes up the role of minister for the voluntary sector, a role which traditionally has not seen a long tenure by previous post holders.
The government has committed the UK to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the middle of this century.
Climate Change and Energy Secretary Ed Miliband said the current 60% target would be replaced by a higher goal.
The target does not include aviation or shipping emissions - but Mr Miliband said they would "play a part" in the government's overall strategy.
A spokesman said: "It is excellent news that Ed Miliband has quickly come to the conclusion that the prepayment meter rip off is unacceptable.
Miliband is really gropeing about for something to say and, unintentially, because he's an inadequate little man, has let the cat out of the NewLabour bag.
So Miliband is reduced to admiting that Labour's sole purpose is to beat the Tories- not run the country or help the poor etc.
Sometimes you dont have to add anything to the words of a politician to show how desperately, ludicrously out of touch they are with the real world: the world that is dying as a result of the duplicity and greenwash they have been spouting ever since governments first claimed they cared a jot about the planet.
Ed Miliband has shown he is serious about addressing climate change and is far sighted enough to recognise that getting the correct target into legislation is essential.
At the minute Miliband is still prevaricating on this, suggesting that it can be addressed through the EU emissions trading scheme, but it is vital if the target in the legislation is to be meaningful that aviation and shipping emissions are included.
Ed Miliband has labelled 2009 in a New Year message, as a crucial year in British and European action to tackle climate change.
Miliband is strongly supportive of the European Union as a global economic and military power, eventually incorporating Russia, the Middle East and North Africa.
Following Tony Blair's resignation, Miliband was touted as a potential challenger to Gordon Brown for the leadership of the Labour Party.
Describing the war on terror as "misleading and mistaken," British foreign secretary David Miliband has said it proved to be conterproductive and helped otherwise disparate groups find common cause against the west.
was 'crystal clear' on the direction the party must take.
change and energy, and Ed Miliband has been appointed its head.
For the last ten years this government has dithered on climate change, offering US inspiring rhetoric but little in the way of real action.
However a source close to Ed Miliband said the two brothers were personally very close: "They are both intellectual leftists from a tradition of thinking about what it means to be on the left, they are both young and the younger generation tend to see the environment as part of the left.
Editorial: Voting for an 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions far in the future is the easy bit.
Oliver Tickell: Ed Miliband has got good advice from the Climate Change Committee on cutting emissions.
Energy Secretary Ed Miliband has approved a.
Ed Miliband is the Labour MP for Doncaster North andSecretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.
Labours Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband has committed the UK to cutting greenhouse.
Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband said almost a fifth of emissions were caused by deforestation and changes to how land was used.
Mr Miliband said the funding would be used to help rainforest countries develop and improve their infrastructure without damaging their forests.
Mr Miliband is currently attending the latest round of UN talks on achieving a new global deal on cutting the greenhouse gases which cause climate change, in Poznan, Poland.
Ed Miliband said in his speech to Parliament.
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Ralph Miliband was one of the most charismatic and influential socialists of his generation.
comLabour: Ed MilibandEd Miliband is the Labour MP for Doncaster North and Minister for the Cabinet Office and Social Exclusion as well as holding the position of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.
Six months ago, Miliband was a backbencher, probably best known as brother of David, another rising star in the Labour government.
It is widely thought that David Miliband is gearing up for a Labour Party leadership challenge, which if successful, will oust Gordon Brown as Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Blair made him head of the Prime Minister's Policy Unit from 1997 to 2001, when Miliband was elected to Parliament.
When Gordon Brown succeeded Tony Blair as Prime Minister, Miliband was promoted to Foreign Secretary, the youngest person to hold the position in 30 years, aged 41.
In 1998 Miliband married Louise Shackleton, an American violinist with the London Symphony Orchestra.
Friends of Miliband said he was forced to pull out of the meeting because of the child's early birth at an undisclosed location in the USA.
Ed Miliband was appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office on 28 June 2007.
When he became Secretary of State for the Environment, Miliband was the first Senior Government Minister to start writing a blog.
During Tony Blair's premiership criticism of the United States and Israel was unheard of.
However, Miliband took the opportunity to criticise the Israeli attack on Hezbollah in 2007, while his Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was defending Israel.
Since first becoming a senior member of the British Government, with his appointment to the post of Environment Minister by Tony Blair, Miliband has grown in confidence and popularity.
What David Miliband said in an interview by Kim Ghattas of the BBC:I feel very lucky to be Foreign Secretary in Gordon Brown's cabinet and that's the job I'm intending to do.
In an interview in The Independent published to coincide with the first anniversary of his appointment as Foreign Secretary, Miliband had this to say about why things had gone badly wrong for Gordon Brown:I am in the slightly odd position of predicting it would be like this.
Only a few weeks later Miliband had an article published in The Guardian, which was regarded as very thinly veiled criticism of Gordon Brown's leadership.
The BBC reports that Foreign Secretary David Miliband has thrown his support behind the prime minister and rejected calls for a Labour leadership contest.
According to the Daily Telegraph friends have revealed that Louise Miliband has told her husband that he has her full support in his attempts to replace Gordon Brown.
Extracts from an article published in the Daily MirrorWhat David Miliband said in Bath about a leadership challenge:We're not having a leadership campaign - there isn't a vacancy, he says.
What David Miliband said about his family:My family is the most important thing in my life.
Miliband has now joined the government's effort to exclude aviation from that energy total, saying: "There is not a credible way of showing aviation can be driven by renewables.
Miliband is an intelligent man, so I can only conclude he is being deliberately misleading.
With this kind of twisting and obfuscation, is it any wonder that we lack faith in the government?If Miliband is going to make a success of his historic appointment to cabinet as the first climate change secretary of state, then he has to be straight with US, and straight with cabinet.
Mr Miliband was a close adviser to Gordon Brown at the time of the Make Poverty History campaign and he said something with similar public backing is needed now.
requested by party members and activists.
Where's Steve Miller Band?Cronan, London, UKMiliband is a political dynasty that will never come to fruition; Labour will be out of power for at least a generation within 2 years and their chance will be gone.
r gardiner, toronto, canadaDavid Miliband is an actor, no wonder here was also performing when he came to a refugee camp in South Africa for Zimbabweans.