Secretary of State for Equalities Harriet Harman of United Kingdom

the two F4J activists sitting on a roof are engaged in 'vile' stunts.
In other words, Harriet Harman is a liar.
to claim that two men sitting peacefully on a roof is a 'vile' stunt.
And Harriet Harman is playing a very major part in all of this.
sought throughout the years - bringing about just one aspect of this.
After all, although what Harriet Harman says and does in relation to men is extremely harmful, it is only a relatively small part of the government-sponsored man-hating enterprise in the developed nations.
Following in the footsteps of her colleague Jacqui Smith who considered herself hip for buying a kebab in Peckham, Harrien Hannan has had a similar PR disaster.
On a tour of her constituency, Peckham in South London, Harman was seen sporting a delightful stab proof vest, not because she was frightened of the threat of violence but as a matter of courtesy and because I was going out with the team.
Harman is a well known feminist and has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Camberwell and Peckham since 1997, having previously been MP for Peckham since 1982.
Her parents both came from non conformist backgrounds — her grandfather Nathaniel Bishop Harman was a prominent Unitarian and the Spicer family were well known congregationalists.
Harman was later involved in a European Court of Human Rights case against MI5 after it was revealed by whistleblower Cathy Massiter in 1984 that personal files were held by MI5 on her and another leading member of the NCCL — Patricia Hewitt.
Harman is known as a key supporter of Gordon Brown and has been closely associated with him since the 1980s.
Harriet Harman has been criticised by some for her feminist views and "positive discrimination" against males.
Harman has claimed that this proposal would not simply involve discrimination against white males, and than men will benefit in some circumstances; for example if a school wanted to balance a predominantly female workforce by discriminating in favour of employing a male teacher.
Harman has been accused of going back on a pledge to apologise for the Blair government's policy on Iraq.
In 2003 Harman was fined £400 and banned from driving for seven days after being convicted of driving at 99mph (159km/h) on a motorway, 29mph (47km/h) above the speed limit.
On 7 April 2007, Harman was issued with a £60 fixed penalty notice and given three penalty points on her license for driving at 50mph (80km/h) in a portion of the A14 in Suffolk which had a temporary 40mph (64km/h) limit.
Harriet Harman was interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 PM programme on 27 November 2007 and was evasive when asked to confirm or deny that her campaign team had contacted Janet Kidd soliciting money and was unable to answer this question directly, preferring to change the subject.
On 28 November the BBC's Nick Robinson reported on his blog that Mrs Harman had now revealed that her team "may" have asked Mrs Kidd for a donation.
On 1 April 2008 the Daily Mail reported that Harriet Harman had decided to wear a kevlar-reinforced stab vest while touring her Peckham constituency under police guard.
Beatrice Smith, a Peckham resident, was quoted by the Evening Standard and The Daily Telegraph observing that, "The only time we see Harriet Harman is either on voting day or doing some PR stunt.
Harman has significant family connections.
Sarah Harman was found guilty of contempt of court and "conduct unbefitting a solicitor.
Harman has a house in Suffolk, in addition to her 'main' home in Herne Hill, South London.
Economic Slowdown Might Affect Women BadlyMiss Harman said that tougher economic conditions are raising particular problems for mothers and older women.
in other words, by demonising men.
Harriet Harman has long been one of the great survivors of modern politics.
Sometimes described as "Labour's "in-house feminist", Ms Harman has long campaigned for more women MPs and for more family-friendly policies.
During the deputy leadership contest, Ms Harman said she alone could broaden the party's appeal at the next election, helping it to win back voters in Middle England.
In her speech to the TUC annual conference Ms Harman said that "equality matters more than ever" and "is necessary for individuals, a peaceful society and a strong economy.
For the Conservatives, shadow leader of the Commons Theresa May said: "I am astounded that Harriet Harman is dismissing the equality issues around race and gender.
Captain Conception and Cash Gordon protest.
Hang on a minute, Harman has zero credibility and perfoms terribly on TV.
Did you really write that she is good on television? Assuming that you are not taking the mickey and really do believe that Harman is a serious politician, I can only say that she comes across to me as a lying, grasping, self-serving, incompetent, special pleading embarrassment to women everywhere.
I have thought this for some time but one thing I think you failed to point out that weighs heavily in favour of Harman is the fact that none of the young pretenders will be keen to accept the poisoned chalice of Labour party leadership.
The demonstrably dim Harriet Harman is a good illustration of the general rule.
Harman is a sexist - fact, so she should not hold any position of power.
Harman has never done a hard day's work in her life.
Harriet Harman has shown very clearly in her speeeches about domestic violence and rape that she is a sex-hate fascist of the most blatant kind.
If Harman is elected leader I'm leaving the Labour Party, she's polarising, incompetent, policy light, prone to arrests for speeding and wants to make sure I, as a male, will never have the chance to stand in my local constituency.
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To make these womens lives bearable, Harman had a detailed, practical policy list, involving substantial maternity pay, paternity pay, decent nursery and after-school clubs, and a right to flexible working for parents.
Johann also indicated that Harman had pointed out that feminist advances arent a flimsy add-on to the Labour agenda of reducing inequality.
Therefore he said: ‘‘Harriet Harman is not offering an intergalactic revolution.
seven-week contest to replace John Prescott.
Harman has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Camberwell and Peckham since 1997, having previously been MP for Peckham since 1982.
and the Spicer family were well known congregationalists.
Harman has supported the Labour government, and voted with the party in all but a few instances.
As a result compared to other glossy leaflets sent out by her rivals Harriet Harman had to use pretty basic campaign tools.
Harman is known as a key Brownite and has been closely associated with him since the 1980s.
Harman has been accused of going back on a pledge to apologize for its policy on Iraq.
During the deputy leadership campaign Harman had participated in a live debate on Newsnight with the other deputy leadership candidates.
Harman was fined £400 and banned from driving for seven days after being convicted of driving at 99mph on a motorway.
When I came to work for her as a parliamentary aide in the early Nineties, Harman was questioning whether fathers were necessary at all.
But, despite her image and the heavy workload, Harman was personally decent with me and generous with her praise.
Harman is the embodiment of so much that is wrong with New Labour.
Born into affluent privilege herself, Harman is that classic socialist type that regards the robust British working class with suspicion.
The fact Harman has retained high office for so long is a tribute to her iron-clad self-confidence.
Harman is fond of talking about equality, but her policies move in precisely theopposite direction.
But then Harman has never had time for the British public, preferring to patronise rather than listen.
Possible Labour leader: Harriet Harman Harriet Harman is campaigning to promote herself as a stand-in Prime Minister should Mr Brown be forced out.
And ministers claim Miss Harman has held talks with Justice Secretary Jack Straw to enlist his support.
Commons leader Harriet Harman said she wanted the public to be confident there were "clear rules" governing expenses.
Commons leader Harriet Harman said she wanted to ensure a "clear and reasonable" set of rules were available.
Harriet Harman takes the offensive in Labour's class war 15 Jan 2009 11:32 GMT.
Minister for Women Harriet Harman has said: "There's never any justification, however painful things are in a relationship, for.
Equalities Minister Harriet Harman is expected to promote the new class law in a speech to the Fabian.
Born in 1950, Ms Harman was the niece of an earl and attended St Paul's Girls' School in London.
Harriet Harman was a participant or observer in the following events: Before October 7, 2002: Attorney General, Solicitor General Warn Blair That Invasion of Iraq Could Violate International LawsEL('1626004942-32918','32918') British Attorney-General Lord Goldsmith and Solicitor-General Harriet Harman warn British Prime Minister Tony Blair that a preemptive war against Iraq, without UN backing, would violate international law and could potentially result in Britain being hauled before the International Criminal Court.
Harriet Harman has been a campaigner all her political life for equality, human rights and social justice -- concerns that have shone throughout the work she has done as a member of the Labour front bench in opposition and in Government.
Was that a sausage roll in the thought bubble above her head? Or a mini pork pie? Last time Miss Harman took on William Hague at PMQs she won.
The Good Ship Harman had sunk on its launch.
world-news, discriminate, female, ethnic-minority, harriet-harman, equality-bill, gender-gap, barbara-castle23 UK 'should outlaw paying for sex'Dec 20 - Seeded by promptSource: BBC NewsCommons Leader Harriet Harman has told the BBC she wants the law to be changed to make it illegal to pay for sex.
MoreJustice Minister Harriet Harman has something she wants to say to the gay community, particularly those who grew up during the Blair years.
In this six-way race for Deputy Leader of the Labour party, Harriet Harman is often touted as the Brownite candidate.
Ms Harman was one of the earliest reshuffle casualties of the Blair years, serving just 14 months as Secretary of State for Social Security.
On 24th June Harriet Harman was elected as Deputy Leader of the Labour party.
Labour's Harriet Harman has hired a new media handler -- just weeks after she scored a resounding PR gaffe by donning a flak jacket to stroll around her south London constituency.
Harman has previously employed Anna Healy, the partner of Labour MP John Cruddas, as a special adviser on press.
Just 24 hours after being elected deputy leader of the UK Labour Party, Harriet Harman was accused of making a u-turn on her views about the Iraq war.
Harman is being extremely disingenuous; at the time she voted for war in early 2003 many experts and journalists had raised serious doubts about the evidence against the Baathists.
Clearly Harman is not a spiked reader, either; if she was, she might have read an article titled Blairs dodgy dossier in September 2002 (that was six months before Channel 4 claimed to have coined the term dodgy dossier), which argued that Blairs evidence on the Iraqi threat consisted of little more than speculation, rhetoric and rehashed allegations that have already been challenged (2.
Harman is not alone in claiming she was misled by Bush and Blair and by that glossy PowerPoint presentation given by then US secretary of state Colin Powell at the United Nations Security Council in February 2003.
Harman is denying that she played a role in the Iraq debacle and is instead pinning blame for the war entirely on Blair, in an attempt to give a kickstart to Labours post-Blair fortunes.
Miss Harman took to the streets of Peckham, south London, yesterday surrounded by several police officers.
Miss Harman was out on the beat to highlight the increased number of police on the streets of Camberwell and Peckham.
Miss Harman said she met members of one of the neighbourhood police teams in Peckham, discussing their work over a cup of tea.
chance she's about to permanently take on the job.
some MPs to be positioning herself as a potential leadership challenger.
continuing to run the country from his deckchair beside the sea.
Harriet Harman is one of those senior ministers who are available.
because she was on patrol with officers to highlight neighbourhood policing.
she would not feel safe walking any London street at night.
Ms Harman said her gesture had been misinterpreted.
Benzo, Nr Chelmsford, This is the first sensible thing that Harriet Harman has ever done since bocoming an MP, anybody who walks around Peckham unprotected is risking their life.
Cromwell, Leeds, EnglandHarriet Harman knew how ridiculous this looks for her when on the Today program this morning.
in the Glasgow East by-election telling aides "this is my moment.
robust British working class with suspicion.
is a tribute to her iron-clad self-confidence.
policies move in precisely theopposite direction.
public, preferring to patronise rather than listen.
As the niece of a countess and an old girl of a top public school, Equalities Minister Harriet Harman is living proof of her own pet theory: an upper-class background and an expensive private education are no guarantees of intelligence or fitness for.
Power companies could be forced by law to reduce their gas and electricity charges, the leader of the Commons said yesterday.
Harriet Harman said that the Government was considering creating legislation that would force the Big Six suppliers to pass.
HARRIET Harman has been purged from the internets.
Harriet Harman was last night accused of putting two fingers up to older savers cheated by dramatic falls in interest rates.
Leader of the Commons Harriet Harman has responded to questions about whether she backs the Speaker Michael Martin.