Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Hazel Anne Blears of United Kingdom

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Blears warning over city region powerLocal Government Chronicle,UK- 9 hours agoCommunities secretary Hazel Blears has warned councils unwilling to embrace statutory city regions that they will get fewer devolved powers.
24dashBlears looks at wellbeing law changeLocal Government Chronicle,UK- 13 Jan 2009Communities secretary Hazel Blears has admitted a court case involving a mutual insurance firm set up by London boroughs could force her to amend local.
24dashA legal duty to tackle disadvantage? Local Government Chronicleall 4 news articlesMiddle East OnlineMinisters voice fears Gaza will radicalise British MuslimsAFP- 12 Jan 2009Communities Secretary Hazel Blears said she was very concerned that the conflict could help extremists, and justice minister Shahid Malik warned it was.
Halton Joins New Council Partnership AboutMyArea‘Super-region’ plan to aid recovery is signed by PM Liverpool Daily Postall 4 news articlesBlears fear over community tensionsThe Press Association- 10 Jan 2009Cabinet minister Hazel Blears has warned that the recession could fuel community tensions.
Budget squeeze hits super-councilWestern Morning News,UK- 7 hours agoCommunities Secretary Hazel Blears said the Government was keen to help ease some of the strain – but insisted councils had to adapt to the new.
Average councillor now 59 years oldLocal Government Chronicle,UK- 9 hours agoCommunities secretary Hazel Blears said it was clear that local government faced a long-term challenge to become more representative, but that planned.
Free SpiritUntitledHazel Blears the Liar White working class people on some estates feel their concerns about immigration are ignored, Communities Secretary Hazel Blears has said.
Political blogs are fuelling a culture of cynicism about politics, communities secretary Hazel Blears has claimed.
It seems both of these reasons have subsequently changed - though Hazel Blears is currently working to change the message on the latter - which has altered to anyone can come here - she no doubt claims that this change occured under.
Communities Secretary Hazel Blears said the Government was prepared to take drastic steps to tackle a ' hardcore' of workless neighbourhoods where no one has.
Hazel Blears has been the Member of Parliament for Salford since 1997.
Hazel Anne Blears was born in Salford on the 14th May 1956, where her father Arthur Blears was a factory fitter working at the local Moore's Bakery.
Small and red headed, Hazel Blears was the Squirrel Nutkin of the 1997 intake: bright eyed, harmless and relentlessly, exhaustingly cheerful.
Blears was in Birmingham this week too, appearing in the Sun Newspaper's Fixing Broken Britain travelling circus.
Corrosive cynicism, fuelled by politically nihilistic blogs, is endangering political discourse, communities secretary Hazel Blears is set to claim today.
Secretary at large for Community and Local Government.
Hazel Blears was born in Salford in 1956, the daughter of a maintenance fitter.
She grew up in Salford and as a young child, Hazel and her brother Stephen both played street urchins in the film A Taste of Honey which was filmed in Salford in 1961, when Blears was aged five.
Blears was educated at the Wardley High School (became part of Salford College, then closed) on Mardale Avenue in Swinton then The Eccles (Sixth Form) College on Chatsworth Road in Eccles, although her parents had tried to get her into a private school.
In the run-up to the 2001 General Election, Blears was a member and later deputy head of the Labour Party campaign team, a group of backbenchers tasked with campaigning around the country.
Blears has been a supporter of the Lowry theatre and art gallery in her constituency.
Blears was promoted in 2003 to Minister of State at the Home Office and was responsible for policing, crime reduction and counter terrorism.
Throughout her campaign, Blears has stressed the importance of a full-time Deputy Leader who acts as its campaigner-in-chief.
On 24 June, it was announced that Blears had been placed in last place in the election for Deputy Leader.
Has never voted on a transparent Parliament.
Along with several other Labour women MPs, Blears is a member of a tap-dancing troupe known as the Division Belles.
In 2006, Blears was accused of "hypocrisy" after joining protests against the closure of hospital departments in her constituency, even though these closures were consistent with the policies of the government of which she was a senior member.
In May 2008, Blears was criticised for a statement on BBC's Question time where she informed the panel and its viewers that there were 3 million people unemployed in the United Kingdom when Labour came to power in 1997 (the official figure was 1,602,500.
Blears has held the safe labour seat of Salford since 1997 which is due for a boundary change before the next election; it is highly unlikely Blears will lose her seat.
Biography: Hazel Blears was born and brought up in Salford.
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