Secretary of State for the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Hilary James Wedgewood Benn of United Kingdom

Either Benn has been left completely out of the loop on the energy measures by Gordon Brown, or he's very good at pretending.
For all that he was utterly useless as a Labour Minister, at least Tony Benn has continued to stand up for democracy in the latter years - even to the extent of agreeing with Thatcher on some EU issues.
Hilary Clinton Benn was parachuted into a safe seat in Leeds central at a bye-election.
Some strong local candidates were dumped in the process, and Been Benn was 'elected' on the lowest ever turnout - sub 20% if my memory is correct.
Benn is just another useless minister,What is wrong with the letter B, well here are three examples.
With his successful campaign to renounce his inherited title, Benn was instrumental in the creation of the Peerage Act 1963.
Benn's paternal grandfather was Sir John Benn, 1st Baronet and his father William Wedgwood Benn was a Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) who defected to the Labour Party.
By the end of the 1970s Benn had migrated to the left-wing of the Labour Party.
Benn was vilified in the press and his enemies implied a Benn-led Labour government would implement a type of East European socialism.
Conversely, Benn was overwhelmingly popular with Labour activists.
Benn received a tumultuous applause from the audience.
Benn was a prominent supporter of the UK miners' strike (1984–1985) and his long-standing friend, the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) leader Arthur Scargill.
With Edward Heath, Benn was given the privilege of being able to continue using the House of Commons Library and Members' refreshment facilities by the Speaker.
In October 2003 Benn was a guest of British Airways on the last-ever scheduled Concorde flight from New York to London.
In June 2005 Benn was a panellist on a special edition of BBC1's Question Time (shown 30 June 2005.
On 27 September 2005 Benn was taken ill at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton and taken by ambulance to the Royal Sussex County Hospital after being treated by paramedics at the Brighton Centre.
In September 2006, Benn joined the "Time to Go" Demonstration in Manchester the day before the start of the final Labour Conference with Tony Blair as party leader, with the aim of persuading the Labour Government to withdraw troops from Iraq, to refrain from attacking Iran and to reject replacing the Trident missile and submarines with a new system.
Tony Benn is a prolific diarist: eight volumes of his diaries have been published (the first six collected as ISBN 0-09-963411-2, the penultimate available as ISBN 0-09-941502-X.
By the time he was born - in a house on the site now occupied by Labour's Millbank headquarters - his father William Wedgewood Benn had followed suit, although he went on to join the Labour Party.
Millbank Tower: Tony Benn was born on the site of Labour's HQTony Benn says that because he discussed everything in detail with his father while growing up, he can remember events such as the 1931 Japanese invasion of Manchuria, which happened when he was six.
Tony Benn has said his son will be his own man, but Hilary praises his father's "good and sensible" advice.
I spoke to my 12-year-old son on the phone last night and he gave me a good ear-bashing over genetically-modified food," Hilary Benn said during the by-election campaign.
Hilary Benn is reputed to say hes a Benn but not a Bennite, and thats maybe been a bit of a snag - the Bennites think huh, not a chip off the old block, while others might have reservations linked to his dad rather than him.
Mr Benn said any talks with councils would be "exploratory and carry no commitment to actually hosting a facility.
Three months ago Mr Benn was pressed into resigning as the director of a think-tank, Union 21, that had been given 20,000 of public money.
Secretary of State for Energy 1976 9 The son of Viscount Stansgate, a former minister, Benn was educated at Westminster School and New College, Oxford.
Benn was then re-elected for Bristol in 1963.
In Harold Wilson's 1964 70 Labour government Benn was first Postmaster-General (1964 6) and then Minister of Technology, in the Cabinet.
Anthony Neil Wedgewood Benn was born in London on April 4, 1925, the son of the Ist Viscount Stansgate, a prominent member of the Labour Party.
During his first ten years in the House of Commons Benn was more of a radical than a socialist.
From 1954 on Benn had tried unsuccessfully to renounce the title.
As a cabinet member Benn was in the forefront of the technological revolution of the 1960s.
Benn was a candidate for the leadership of the party in 1976 after Wilson unexpectedly resigned.
After 1981, when the Conservatives were returned to power under Margaret Thatcher, Benn was in disagreement with the leadership of the Labour Party.
Benn had the unusual habit of keeping a meticulous chronicle of his own life.
Benn was accused by the press of violating the Official Secrets Act for divulging the privileged experiences of British cabinet meetings.
Despite his left-wing politics, Benn is admired (and even promoted) by right-wing British media and politicians.
His father William Wedgwood Benn was a Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) who defected to Labour and was later elevated to the House of Lords with the title of 1st Viscount Stansgate.
Margaret Wedgwood Benn was ahead of her time, as it would not occur until more than 60 years later.
the publishers confirmed that Benn had sent back his draft entry with everything else struck through.
Benn met US-born Caroline Middleton DeCamp (born 13 October 1926) (from Cincinnati, Ohio, daughter of a lawyer) over tea at Worcester College in 1949 and nine days later he proposed to her on a park bench in the city.
In July 1943, Benn joined the Royal Air Force.
Tony Benn is a cousin of the late actress, Dame Margaret Rutherford.
An election court found that the voters were fully aware that Benn was disqualified, and gave the seat to the Conservative runner up in the by-election, Malcolm St Clair, also the son of a peer.
Benn was the first peer to renounce his title, at 6.
MAY 8TH - Mr Benn was interviewed by the Glasgow Herald on the night of the council results last week.
MAY 9TH - Mr Benn had a brief interview with the Arabic Fars News Agency concerning a letter sent from the President of Iran to the President of the USA.
11TH JUNE - Mr Benn has stated that he feels the city of Bristol need not apologise for it's role in the slave trade.
8TH JULY - Mr Benn has joined the 'History Matters' campaign which stresses the importance of history.
3RD AUGUST - Mr Benn has pledged his support to a campaign calling for free bus travel for people over 60 and also disabled people.
Mr Benn has a documentary showing on Channel Four this Saturday (August 12th, 7.
Tony Benn is interviewed before his one man show in Croyden (FairfIeld Halls) on September 8th.
Mr Benn is speaking tonight at a Redbridge Stop the War public meeting.
Tony Benn has voiced his support for a campaign to stop closures at Hitchinbrooke Hospital.
18TH SEPTEMBER - After Tony Blair was heckled at the TUC, the Independent asked various people how they dealt with hecklers, Mr Benn was one of them.
Mr Benn is attending the opening of a memorial to the singer Paul Robeson at the School for Oriental and African Studies in London this evening.
24TH OCTOBER - Tony Benn has commented on Jack Straw's proposals for reforming the House of Lords and denounced them as utterly ridiculous.
25TH OCTOBER - Tony Benn is confirmed to speak at a People’s Assembly on Islamophobia.
31ST DECEMBER - Tony Benn is a contributor to a documentary due to be shown on BBC 4 on the 3rd January at 9pm.
30TH JANUARY - Tony Benn took part in a meeting at Rochdale Town Hall concerning the West's role in the middle east.
21ST FEBRUARY - Tony Benn has given his support to the campaign against cuts to opening hours at the William Morris gallery.
21ST FEBRUARY - Mr Benn was interviewed by Democracy Now after Tony Blair announced partial withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
1st JUNE - Mr Benn was at the Hay literary festival covering his new volume of political diaries, due in Autumn.
Despite the havoc he wrought, good old Wedgie Benn was rather puzzlingly regarded with affection and warmth by many.
What have the burghers of KC done to deserve this? Mr Benn has already spent 50 years in the House of Commons.
The last time Tony Wedgwood Benn was useful to this country was as a pilot in the R.