Secretary of State for the Home Department Jacqueline Jill Smith of United Kingdom

Smith is the first female Home Secretary of the United Kingdom.
Smith lived in Redditch until she was made home secretary when she moved to London to be closer to her job, whilst keeping the family home based in her constituency in Redditch.
Following the 2005 general election, Smith was appointed to serve as the Minister of State for Schools in the Department for Education and Skills, replacing Stephen Twigg who had lost his seat.
Smith was regarded as a loyal Blairite during Tony Blair's premiership, a fact confirmed by her voting record, and she was brought to tears by Blair's farewell appearance in the House of Commons.
Jacqui Smith was appointed Home Secretary in Gordon Brown's first Cabinet reshuffle of 28 June 2007.
In the same month Smith was involved in controversy when she admitted that she would not feel safe on the street of London at night.
Smith has said that she was not told and should not have been told in November 2008 of the impending arrest of Damian Green, a Conservative Member of Parliament who had publicised several leaks causing embarrassment to her department.
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Smith has appeared on America's Next Top Model, as an acting coach.
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Home Secretary Jacqui Smith believes ecstasy should remain a Class A drug Jacqui Smith is on a collision course with government drug experts over their belief that Ecstasy should be downgraded.
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