Secretary of State for Work and Pensions James Purnell of United Kingdom

According to the mathematically challenged Andrew Woodcock of the Independent, Purnell has proposed to raise the employment rate in the UK from 75% to 80% by getting “thousands of people off benefits and into work.
James Purnell was a little late to these historic events.
After recent accusations regarding photo manipulation, James Purnell has pointed out that this was not his own doing and was also "an isolated incident which should not bring any other photos into question.
Purnell was selected for the seat of Stalybridge and Hyde in 2001, and won the seat in that year's general election with a majority of 8,859.
In September 2007, a photograph of James Purnell was faked and released by the press office at Tameside General hospital as part of a press release for the Tameside Hospital Private Finance Initiative (PFI) rebuilding deal.
The Tameside Trust claimed that Purnell agreed to the amalgamation of the two photographs, as he was late for the original photo call, but Purnell denied this.
Purnell is engaged to film maker Lucy Walker.
James Purnell was all over the news today for a scandal or an embarrassment, term it what you care.
Even if Purnell had deliberately wanted to fake the photograph, who cares.
James Purnell has been appointed work and pensions secretary in the reshuffle following the resignation of Peter Hain from the cabinet.
Mr Purnell has been succeeded as culture secretary by Andy Burnham, who said he had moved into his "dream job.
Mr Purnell said he was "very sorry" for Mr Hain but "honoured to be continuing the work of welfare reform that he and John Hutton have started.
One of the fastest-rising stars in the Labour firmament, James Purnell has been handed one of the biggest jobs in government - with the biggest budget in Whitehall - at the age of just 37.
Mr Purnell is one of a close-knit group of young ministers promoted into cabinet by Gordon Brown - including his former flatmate Andy Burnham, who takes over his old job as culture secretary.
The unmarried son of an accountant and a teacher, Mr Purnell was born in Guildford, Surrey, and partly educated in France, at the prestigious Lycee International School, at St Gerrain en Laye.
picture taken with senior management at the NHS trust and left.
James Purnell has accused SNP ministers of acting "too little, too late" to help the unemployed by failing to spend their budget properly.
Purnell was lucky a passer-by handed in his security pass A Cabinet Minister who came under fire for leaving confidential correspondence on a.
Pensions in January 2008 following the resignation of Peter Hain.
Described by The Guardian as "young, good-looking and well-connected" or as "young, gifted, and ferociously well-connected" by the Evening Standard, and already tipped by some as a future party leader, James Purnell has been the Member of Parliament for Stalybridge and Hyde since May 2001 and is currently the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.
Born James Mark Dakin Purnell in London on the 2nd March 1970 his father John Purnell was a chartered accountant and his mother Janet a teacher.
Purnell was similarly forced to apologise and hand over some money.
James Purnell is the work and pensions secretary welfare.
James Purnell was accused of introducing a version of the American "workfare" today after he published plans to ensure that most benefit claimants are preparing for employment.
Unveiling the plans in the Commons, Purnell said that most people on incapacity benefit would be required to attend job interviews and the unemployed would be expected to do four weeks' full-time activity after a year out of work.
In his statement Purnell said he wanted to "transform" the lives of people on benefits through additional help with training and childcare.
Purnell said the government would bring forward legislation making it the "default option" for both parents to register the birth of their child "whether they are married or not" and said child maintenance would be disregarded when working out income-related benefits from April 2010.
Purnell is right to lower the age of the youngest child at which benefits can be claimed, but to lower that to the age of ONE is simply ridiculous.
Purnell is firmly in that Tebbit/Lilley tradition of contempt, hatred and prejudice.
And as for Purnell is firmly in that Tebbit/Lilley tradition of contempt, hatred and prejudice.
In the increasingly sectarian world of Labour Party politics, Purnell is something of a touchstone.
Purnell has urged his fellow ministers to take the argument to the Conservatives rather than obsessing about the internal difficulties in their own party.
Unlike many of his colleagues, Purnell is very good at concentrating on his political rivals across the political divide rather than internal enemies, real or imagined.
Purnell is understandably resistant to talking about the immediate leadership battle, but asked what he thought of John Hutton's refusal to condemn those calling for a leadership election in an interview for The Andrew Marr Show, he says: "I would agree with him on that and I think it would be ridiculous to pretend that you can't complain when you're worried.
It's a pity Purnell is seen as a Thatcherite just because he demonstrates a reasonable understanding of market capitalism.
James Purnell is now the best choice for Labour.
I must admit I find nearly everything Purnell said embarassingly superficial and lacking any real intellectual vigour or vision.
What James Purnell is being allowed by Martin Bright to say about ‘jobs’ is not true? Purnell and Bright are not only in a fantasy land but they are evidently promoting an untruth.
By Simon Johnson, Scottish Political Editor James Purnell has accused SNP ministers of.
UKPurnell has been tipped as a political player to watch for some years and is now charged with a broadcasting agenda that includes tackling digital switchover, PSP, kids television and the future of Channel 4.
Ten-second biography Aged 38, Purnell is the fastest-rising star in the Labour firmament.
Where does he sit politically? Purnell is thought to be a member of the 'Primrose Hill set', with David Miliband, Liam Byrne and Jim Murphy.
Why he is a man to watch As pensions secretary, Purnell has one of the biggest jobs in government.
Something you might not know In January 2007, the Daily Mail reported Purnell was given an 'easy ride' on the BBC's Newsnight due to a relationship with one of the producers, Thea Rogers.
went on to win the election with a majority of 8,859.
Mottram-Tintwistle or Longdendale Bypass.
for libel by fellow Labour councillor Liz Davies.
photo call, but Purnell denied this.
Purnell was selected for the seat of Stalybridge and Hyde in 2001, and went on to win the election with a majority of 8,859.
In 1996 Purnell was one of three Islington councillors who were sued for libel by fellow Labour councillor Liz Davies.
Prior to becoming a cabinet minister, Purnell has repeatedly been one of the most expensive MP's in the United Kingdom and being confirmed as the most expensive in Greater Manchester, with expenses in 2004 of more than £120,000.
as he was late for the original photo call, but Purnell denied this.
it was especially damaging as it came at a time when Purnell has criticised the media for misleading the public over telephone phone-in scams and over news stories that were not true.
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Mr Purnell will publish a White Paper setting out plans to make "virtually everyone" on welfare seek work or face cuts in their benefits payments.
Culture Secretary James Purnell, who led the Government's attack on the BBC's rigged phone-in competitions, is now at the centre of a faking controversy of his own.
Mr Purnell turned up too late for a photo-shoot to promote a new development at a Tameside hospital, so he told the organisers to doctor the picture with fellow MPs to look like he had been there.
Purnell was elected an MP in 2001.
Mr Purnell is relaxed about people becoming super-rich.