Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities, and Skills John Denham of United Kingdom

John Denham was born in Seaton and was educated at the Woodroffe Comprehensive School on Uplyme Road in Lyme Regis and the University of Southampton, where he took a BSc in Chemistry, and was President of the Students' Union in the academic year 1976-7.
Though regarded as a Blairite, Denham was a regular critic of the Blair administration as chair of the Home Affairs committee.
Following Brown's installation as Prime Minister in June 2007, Denham was named as the individual to take over the new post of Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills.
John Denham has also been a member of the Executive Committee of the Fabian Society for several years, participating in many events and co-authoring a pamphlet on pensions as well as making several speeches and publishing articles in this forum.
John Denham is a retired USN Captain, Licensed unlimited Master and Pilot, maritime academy teacher,and author with extensive experience as a marine consultant.
Captain John Denham is a veteran of 66 years maritime experience in seamanship, ship handling, navigation, piloting, and education.
John Denham had studied at Woodroffe Comprehensive School, Lyme Regis and then he attended the BSc Chemistry, University of Southampton (in 1977.
A decade and more later, when Denham came to revise his poem, events had invalidated his metaphor.
The Volumizer was Glenn Rikowski’s AOL blog.
At the beginning of the Civil War Denham was high sheriff for Surrey, and was appointed governor of Farnham Castle.
Moreover Denham expressed his commonplaces with great dignity and skill.
From this time Denham was much in Charles I.
While Denham was recovering, his wife died, poisoned, it was said, by a cup of chocolate.
Although he does not appear to have designed anything, Denham was probably a competent administrator, and, as the holder of the same position as Inigo Jones and Wren, deserves mention.
Denham had many enemies in Parliament and they were either written out.
Educated at the University of Oxford, Denham was admitted to the bar, but he was already actively writing.
to have designed anything, Denham was probably a competent administrator.
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As well as beingthe Labour MP for Southampton Itchen, JohnDenham is also Itchen's voice in the Government as the Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills.
John Denham has announced extra help with training for people who are unemployed for 6 months or more.
John Denham joined Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Derby to announce a funding boost which could see more apprenticeship places available for young people and adults in Southampton.
According to Johnson, Denham is deservedly considered one of the fathers of English poetry.
What writers as eminent as Dryden, Pope and Johnson admired in Denham was what they saw as the order he restored to English poetry after the metrical ruggedness and rhythmical experimentation of the Metaphysical poets who, according to Johnson, only wrote such verses as stood the trial of the finger better than of the ear.
John Denham was born in Dublin in 1615, the son of a distinguished judge, Sir John Denham (1559-1639), Lord Chief Justice of the Kings Bench in Ireland at the time, and of his second wife, Eleanor, whom he had met while serving there.
Andy Mulhearn: When Mr Denham said Whilst I appreciate the strength of feeling expressed by some physicists, it is important not that the reputation of British science is not damaged at home and abroad by the way in which these concerns are expressed.
Denham received extravagant praise from Dr Samuel Johnson; but the place now assigned him is a much more humble one.
Mr Denham is urgently canvassing other businesses.
Mr Denham is a difficult man to pigeonhole.