Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Liam Byrne of United Kingdom

Asked whether there were too many immigrants in the UK, high-flyer Byrne found himself on the horns of a dilemma.
Immigration Minister Liam Byrne has been fined £100 after admitting using his mobile phone while driving.
Mr Byrne has campaigned vigorously on road safety since entering Parliament, tabling a petition in 2005 from constituents calling for tougher penalties for dangerous drivers.
Liam Byrne is one of the government's fastest rising stars - with one of the most high profile and politically sensitive portfolios.
Liam Byrne was a human male and an Imperial Commander during the time of the Galactic Civil War.
ANIBrit minister says boozing best way to celebrate British national day!British Immigration Minister Liam Byrne says that alcohol consumption and television watching will be suitable to celebrate the proposed bank holiday in the country.
Now Byrne is minister for the Cabinet Office, a role it is difficult to make a success of but for which his old career as a management consultant should help him.
But with several other ministerial changes in the slimmed-down Home Office, Byrne was required to mind the shop.
First promoted to the frontbench as a junior health minister by Tony Blair, Byrne was just 34 when he was elected to parliament in 2004 and landed his first government job nine months later.
Byrne was briefly minister of state for police and counter-terrorism before being handed the immigration brief by John Reid, the then-home secretary.
Byrne has written widely about public service reform, economic development, and shared values.
Born in Warrington in October 1970, Byrne joined the Labour party when he was 15.
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After the Brown reshuffle of 3 October 2008, Byrne was promoted to the post of Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster replacing Ed Miliband who was promoted to the new post of Energy and Climate Change Secretary.
Liam Byrne was born in Warrington.
In November 2006 Byrne was responsible for a change to the UK's immigration rules preventing migrants who had entered under the UK's Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) having their permission to remain in the UK extended unless they could show both that they had been earning at least £32000 pa while in the UK and that they had a good knowledge of English.
Byrne is in-favour of legislation for a Migration Act similar to the 1958 immigration law in Australia which is administered by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC.
In 2007, Byrne was criticized by London's cab drivers for his remarks that they were "low-skilled.
As well as his role in the Home Office, Byrne has been a vocal campaigner for road safety and has handed in a petition in to Parliament in 2005 demanding tougher punishments for dangerous drivers.
Liam Byrne has written articles published in The Guardian and The Sunday Times.
Liam Byrne has called for an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire and a full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.
Mr Byrne has written to Cllr Ken Hardeman, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, with a copy of the ‘Highstreet Britain 2015' report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Small Shops which highlights the possibility of a Tesco megastore turning Hodge Hill into a supermarket suburb.
Liam Byrne has not added any friends.
New Delhi, Feb 6 - The British government is using street theatres in Punjab to tackle illegal immigration from the Indian state, visiting British Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said here Wednesday.
New Delhi, Feb 6 - Britain will implement from Feb 29 a new points-based immigration system for assessing visa applications of highly skilled immigrants working in that country, visiting British Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said here Wednesday.
Peter Mandelson was not the only Blairite to land a new job in last week's reshuffle, as Byrne was given a newly created role as 'cabinet enforcer.
Ten-second biography Byrne was elected as MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill in July 2004, aged just 34.
Within nine months, Tony Blair made him junior health minister and in 2006 Byrne was made immigration minister.
What is his background? Born in Warrington, Byrne was comprehensive school educated and worked part-time at McDonald's.
Where does he sit politically? The managerial Byrne is seen as one of the next generation's Blairite voices.
A former management consultant, Mr Byrne has impressed both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown with his can-do approach.