Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise, and Regulatory Reform Peter Mandelson of United Kingdom

In what appeared to be a pledge not to allow the company to fall, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson praised the business for its green work.
The popular BBC TV show Have I Got News For You refused to comply and discussed this matter almost openly - Ian Hislop said, "We're not allowed to say that Peter Mandelson is a hom.
Mandelson was famously named one of Blair's 'Jewish cabal' by Tam Dalyell, the Father of the House, in May 2003.
Mandelson was overheard by a journalist to remark: "I have no doubt that Gordon Brown would agree with me that, for all his remarkable qualities, he would come over much better were he to agree to wear a veil.
In October 2008 Mandelson was reported by the press to have maintained private contacts over several years with Russia oligarch Oleg Deripaska, most recently vacationing in August 2008 on Deripaska's yacht at Taverna Agni on the Greek island of Corfu.
News of the contacts sparked criticism because, as European Union trade commissioner, Mandelson had been responsible for two decisions to cut aluminium tariffs that had benefited Deripaska's United Company RusAl.
Mandelson denied that there had been a conflict of interest and insisted that he had never discussed aluminium tariffs with Deripaska.
On 29 October 2008, while Mandelson was on a ministerial visit to Moscow, he was reported in the British press to have availed himself of the services of the KGB Colonel-General Valery Pechenkin, head of security at Deripaska's company Basic Element.
Although he had few hopes of being prime minister himself—Mandelson is gay, and he thought that probably disqualified him—he clearly believed that high Cabinet office was a possibility.
It would be different if Mandelson had denied being gay.
If it is OK to say that Mandelson is gay, on the basis of hearsay, when we know that he has not chosen to discuss his sexuality in public, and when it is not a matter relevant to his public duties, then why is not OK to reproduce gossip about the sexual practices or proclivities of any politician, or of any other public figure, or of anyone at all - including Wikipedia editors? Secondly, while I agree that Mandelson is apparently not inclined to sue over this, there are certainly politicians and others who are or may be so inclined, and therefore this practice should not be encouraged.
Then Mandelson appeared on the Today programme with a denial, then the Guardian published the actual interview - is this correct? At first I (and others) had thought that Mandelson had suddenly jumped out of nowhere with an attempt at preemptive career advancement by distancing himself from Blair.
After Tony Blair and the Labour party won the 1997 General Election, Mandelson was made a Minister without Portfolio, and was responsible for the planning of the Millennium Dome project.
There Mandelson joined with Kinnock in his attempts to rebrand the party and give it a more 'modern' image and began to establish his reputation as the master of political spin and when he first became known as the Prince of Darkness.
Mandelson was never particularly favoured by John Smith, who replaced Kinnock as party leader, and he might well have been condemned to a life of comprarative obscurity as a backbench MP where it not for Smith's unexpected and untimely death in 1994.
In the resulting leadership contest, Mandelson decided to back Tony Blair and is believed to have played a significant (if clandestine) role in ensuring Blair's eventual victory, and thus earning the enmity of Gordon Brown who had believed up until that time that Mandelson was one of his supporters.
As a member of Blair's inner circle and thus likely to play a central role in any new Labour government, Mandelson had made a number of new friends and appears to have been seduced by celebrity.
At the time there was a certain amount of speculation regarding how Mandelson had managed to afford such luxury.
Mandelson failed to declare this loan as an interest as he was required to do, but what was worse was that Geoffrey Robinson had himself been under attack since February 1998, when his links to the now disgraced businessman Robert Maxwell had been made public and was under investigation by the Department of Trade and Industry, the very ministry of which Mandelson was now heading.
Blair's legal advisers, Charles Falconer and Derry Irvine considered the matter and decided that as Mandelson was not in direct control of the Robinson investigation there should be no problem.
Unfortunately the press were universally hostile and pointed out that Mandelson had neglected to inform the Britannia Building Society (who had lent the rest of the money) that the £373,000 was a loan and not his own money, and was therefore at least technically guilty of deception.
Mandelson remained out of office for less than year, as on the 11th October 1999, he returned to government as the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, taking over from Mo Mowlam.
Blair defended his choice by claiming that Mandelson was "the best man for the job", but even some members of his own party accused him of "cronyism.
Aside from hobnobbing with American millionaires Mandelson has been most notable for issuing a warning to China that it should curb cheap textile exports to the EU, and then on the 10th June 2005 announcing a deal that supposedly established a limit on exports of Chinese textiles.
Peter Mandelson is of course homosexual/gay/queer (whatever is your preferred term) and once made into the top ten 'Hunks of the Year' as voted by the readers of HIM magazine, and is, on the authority of Peter Tatchell, apparently "regarded as highly fanciable by many gay professionals.
It was only when Matthew Parris, whilst commenting on the resignation of Ron Davies in 1998 after that unfortunate incident on Clapham Common, was asked how many other homsexual MPs there were, answered with the remark that "Peter Mandelson is certainly gay.
But despite being homosexual Mandelson has never publicly endorsed any campaign for gay rights, and has "firmly but politely rebuffed" any requests for interviews by the gay media.
BioPeter Mandelson was born in Britain in 1953.
Peter Mandelson was appointed to the British Cabinet as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry 1998.
In 1999 Peter Mandelson was appointed Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.
Peter Mandelson is honorary Chair of Policy Network, a European and international think tank whose journal and conferences promote the exchange and debate of centre-left policy ideas and European social democratic thinking.
Peter Mandelson was made EU Commissioner for Trade in 2004.
And - as Mr Mandelson was quick to point out - he will be only a two hour train ride away from Downing Street.
Peter Mandelson has dramatically sealed his reputation as the "comeback king" of British politics after being drafted into government for an unprecedented third time.
Last year Mandelson said Mr Brown should face a contest for the Labour leadership.
In 2004, Mandelson was appointed EU Trade Commissioner, to represent all EU nations in trade negotiations around the world, which was his second return from the political wilderness.
Earlier this year Mandelson was involved in a public spat with French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who currently holds the EU presidency, over free trade.
Mr Mandelson said his position at world trade talks has been undermined and told the BBC he did not start the row but: "I stood up for myself, I'm not to be bullied.
That may have been a lost cause and even Mr Mandelson has since accepted that he probably made too many enemies at this time.
Mr Mandelson was born on 21 October 1953 into the Labour aristocracy - his grandfather was Labour cabinet minister Herbert Morrison.
Mr Mandelson had been in the post for barely six months.
PreBudget report: Secret plan for VAT increase to 18.
Mandelson gives hope to Jaguar Land Rover BUSINESS Secretary Peter Mandelson said yesterday afternoon that Jaguar Land Rover would not be allowed to go to the wall.
Business Minister Peter Mandelson said that the government had made a 225m provision against defaults, adding that the risk of that was.
Shadow Business Secretary Alan Duncan said: "Peter Mandelson has announced a pale imitation of Conservative policy which barely begins to address the scale of the.
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Early lifeMandelson was born in LondonLondon London is the capital city of England and of the United Kingdom.
In governmentIn 1998 Mandelson joined the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Trade and IndustrySecretary of State for Trade and Industry The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry is a cabinet position in the United Kingdom government.
First resignationIn December 1998 it was revealed that Mandelson had bought a home in Notting HillFacts About Notting HillNotting Hill is a district of London located to the west of the centre and close to the north-western corner of Hyde Park.
Mandelson had also not declared the loan to his building societyBuilding society A building society is a financial institution, owned by its members, that offers banking and other financial services, espec.
Mandelson was out of the CabinetCabinet A cabinet is a body of high-ranking members of government, typically representing the executive branch.
Second resignationIn January 2001, it was claimed that Mandelson had phoned Home OfficeHome Office The Home Office is a United Kingdom government department, responsible for internal affairs, such as law and order throughou.
On 24 January 2001, Mandelson was sacked from the Government for a second time, insisting he had done nothing wrong.
Mandelson was challenged by Arthur ScargillArthur Scargill Arthur Scargill was the leader of the National Union of Mineworkers from 1981 to 2000 and is presently the leader of the Soc.
Mandelson was much criticised for this speech which was regarded by opponents as inappropriate.
After the general election, Mandelson was chair of the Policy NetworkPolicy Network OverviewPolicy Network is an international think tank based in London devoted to progressive centre-left policy reform.
revealed that Mandelson had spent New Year's Eve 2004 on the yacht of Paul AllenPaul Allen Paul Gardner Allen is an American entrepreneur whose fortune was founded when he formed Microsoft with Bill Gates.
Personal lifeDuring his first few months in government, Mandelson was the centre of a great deal of media attention when Matthew ParrisMatthew Parris Matthew Parris is a journalist and former Conservative politician in the United Kingdom.
in the wake of the resignation of Ron Davies, that "Peter Mandelson is certainly gay.
Mandelson was famously named one of Blair's 'Jewish cabal' by Tam DalyellTam Dalyell Sir Thomas Dalyell of the Binns, 11th Baronet, known as Tam Dalyell, is a Scottish politician and was a Labour member.
Mandelson was overheard by a journalist to remark: "I have no doubt that Gordon BrownGordon Brown Dr.
BiographyLord Mandelson was appointed Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise Regulatory Reform on 3 October 2008.
After working as an economist at the Trades Union Congress and as a current affairs TV producer, Peter Mandelson was later appointed Labour Party Director for Campaigns and Communications in 1985.
Peter Mandelson has begun a four-day trade trip to Moscow amid continued pressure on the Business Secretary to detail his meetings with a Russian billionaire.
Peter Mandelson has begun a four-day trade trip to Moscow amid continued pressure on the Business Secretary to detail his mee.
Peter Mandelson has faced renewed calls to detail all his meetings with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska.
Europe#039;s trade chief on Tuesday (November 7) met with China#039;s Commerce Minister Bo Xilai to urge the export giant to remove b.
Lord Mandelson is being grilled by MPs for the first time since his Cabinet comeback, with the economy firmly on the agenda.
Peter Mandelson has taken his seat in the House of Lords after his shock appointment to the Cabinet.
The European Union will not give up on the World Trade Organisation#039;s (WTO) Doha round which was suspended this week, EU Trad.
The European Union will not give up on the World Trade Organisations (WTO) Doha round which was suspended this week, EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson said on Tuesday (July.
The grandson of Herbert Morrison, deputy prime minister during the Labour Party government of 194551, Mandelson was interested in politics from a young age.
In 1985 Mandelson was appointed Labours director of communications by party leader Neil Kinnock.
In 1992 Mandelson was elected Labour MP for Hartlepool, a coastal town in northeastern England.
By October 1999, however, Blair felt that Mandelson had paid an adequate price for his mistake and returned him to the cabinet as Northern Ireland secretary.
In 2004 Mandelson was appointed Britains member of the EU Commission and given the EU trade portfolio.
Because he had resigned from the House of Commons in 2004, Mandelson was made a peer in the House of Lords in order to join the government.
In The Times, Anatole Kaletsky says Peter Mandelson has saved the skin of Gordon Brown and has done the right thing for British politics and the economy with the action announced yesterday to ease business credit.
week, another sentence I never expected to write: Peter Mandelson has saved the skin of Gordon Brown - and, in the process, has done the right thing for British politics and the economy.
Mandelson has proved able to work with leading figures from the right, especially the center-right.
Although Mandelson is new to Brussels, he has already managed to collect a comparatively strong team of officials around him.
Although Mandelson has been open to the charge of an excessive interest in presentational politics, his has a formidable ability to understand the needs of the modern media and adapt his message to those ends.
Mandelson is unlikely to return to frontline UK.
These are matters over which Mandelson has little influence.
Mandelson is an astute politician whose unusual combination of talents suggest that he will become a highly effective commissioner.
Mr Mandelson is particularly concerned about the protection of European intellectual property rights in China, and the access of EU companies in sectors such as construction, banking and insurance.
Speaking before going into Downing Street this afternoon, Mandelson said that he had had his "ups and downs" with Brown but that he now got on "fine" with the prime minister.
Mandelson is also credited, even by many of his enemies, with being an exceptionally able politician who is an expert at presentation – an area where Brown has been weak.
But Mandelson is also a divisive figure who is unpopular within the Labour party and in the country at large.
Another former aide, Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, wrote on his blog that Mandelson was "one of the few class acts in British politics" and revealed that in recent months Brown has "sought to re-establish his links with Peter through a series of strategy meetings and many phone calls.
Before the dome was opened, Mandelson was made trade secretary.
Mandelson was later cleared by an inquiry of any impropriety in connection with the case.
Mandelson was born on October 21 1953 into a family with a long Labour history.
politics, peter-mandelson, power, jk-rowling, the-dark-lord, voldemort, credit-crunch, unemployment21 'Proud' Mandelson back in CabinetOct 3 - Seeded by BeautySource: BBC NewsPeter Mandelson has been drafted back into government in a surprise move, as Gordon Brown reshuffles his cabinet.
world-news, trade, eu, trade-imbalance, china, peter-mandelson, world-trade-organisation, brussels10 "Blair guilty of capitulating to Sinn Féin," Says Former MinisterMar 12 - Seeded by Greg PlancichSource: Guardian UnlimitedPeter Mandelson has accused the prime minister of "unreasonable and irresponsible" behaviour in the way he granted concessions to Sinn Féin during Downing Street's attempts to broker a peace deal in Northern Ireland.
Peter MandelsonAKA Peter Benjamin MandelsonBorn: 21-Oct-1953Birthplace: London, EnglandGender: MaleReligion: JewishRace or Ethnicity: WhiteSexual orientation: Gay Occupation: PoliticianNationality: EnglandExecutive summary: EU Commissioner for Trade Per Matthew Parris in 1998, "Peter Mandelson is certainly gay.
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MoreEuropean Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson is to rejoin the Cabinet as Business Secretary.
Mr Mandelson has been the UK's appointee in Brussels since November 2004 and last year was placed at number three on the PinkNews.
In March 2007, amid rumours that Gordon Brown would remove him when he took over as Prime Minister, Mr Mandelson was defiantly telling the BBC: "I don't know whether this is going to come as a disappointment to him, but he can't actually fire me.
The feud between Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson is the stuff of Westminster legend.
One of the architects of New Labour, Mr Mandelson was one of Tony Blair's closest advisers and when Labour came to power in 1997, he was rewarded with the job of "co-ordinating the government," in which he antagonised many more senior figures.
Mandelson is regarded as one of the main players, along with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, of the modern Labour Party and its rebranding as "New Labour.
Mandelson was born in London in 1953, where his father was the advertising manager at The Jewish Chronicle.
In July 1998, Mandelson joined the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.
In December 1998 it was revealed that Mandelson had bought a home in Notting Hill in 1996 with the assistance of an interest-free loan of £373,000 from Geoffrey Robinson, a millionaire Labour MP who was also in the Government but was subject to an inquiry into his business dealings by Mandelson's department.
Although Mandelson had deliberately not taken part in any decisions relating to Robinson, he knew he should have declared the loan as an interest, and he resigned on 23 December 1998.
Mandelson had also not declared the loan to his building society (the Britannia) although they decided not to take any action, with the CEO stating "I am satisfied that the information given to US at the time of the mortgage application was accurate.
Mandelson was out of the Cabinet for ten months.
In January 2001, it was claimed that Mandelson had phoned Home Office minister Mike O'Brien on behalf of Srichand Hinduja, an Indian businessman who was seeking British citizenship, and whose family firm was to become the main sponsor of the "Faith Zone" in the Millennium Dome.
Mandelson was challenged by Arthur Scargill of the Socialist Labour Party and by another Left-winger at the 2001 general election, but was re-elected with a large majority.
After the general election, Mandelson was chair of the Policy Network and the UK-Japan 21st century Group, a columnist for GQ and president of Hartlepool United FC.
In April 2005, The Times revealed that Mandelson had spent New Year's Eve 2004 on the yacht of Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, which is at the centre of a major EU investigation, although it did not allege impropriety.
During the summer of 2008, Mandelson had a widely publicised argument with Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France.
During his first few months in government, Mandelson was the centre of a great deal of media attention when Matthew Parris (openly gay former MP and then Parliamentary sketch writer of The Times) mentioned during a live interview on Newsnight, in the wake of the resignation of Ron Davies, that "Peter Mandelson is certainly gay.
Mandelson's homosexuality had been well-known but not widely publicised except on the front pages of The People newspaper, and Mandelson had not wanted it discussed.
Andrew Grice, "Labour's red-rose guru to help true-blue firms", Sunday Times, August 19, 1990.
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Peter Mandelson has sealed his reputation as the comeback king of British politics with his appointment to one of the most powerful jobs in the European Union.
For monumentally failing to live up to his free trade rhetoric, Peter Mandelson is Global Growth's Protectionist of the Month August 2005.
former Prime Minister to wreck Mr Brown's chances of the succession.
in which Mr Mandelson is interviewed, offering support to Mr Brown.
appointed to the Lords (where Mr Mandelson is heading.
what his opponents saw as an out-of-control and damaging machine at No 10.
praetorian guard and for whom loathing of Mr Mandelson is second nature.
election result, could destroy their new Labour project.
BHC, Cape Province, South AfricaI see Peter Mandelson has beaten Keith Vaz to the House of UN-elected Lords.
Mandelson is not wanted as a Minister but is needed to keep potential rebels in check.
Alastair, Rye, UKThe return of Mandelson is probably the biggest compliment Brown has ever paid the Conservative Party.
Mandelson was spotted at a party aboard the tycoons superyacht, the Queen K.
with politicians at the World Economic Summit in Davos.
where Mandelson has stayed as a guest.
BBC radio 4 (early news) stated 'Mandelson had to stay on the yacht as there was no room in the house, as too many people had arrived.
Mandelson said he hopes to secure an outline agreement on cutting tariffs and other trade barriers among World Trade Organisation members by this summer.
LONDON, Jan 8 (UPI) -- France's EDF has formally purchased British Energy for $19 billion.
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5mn Regency villa?', 'Back to business: Lord Mandelson leaving his Regent\'s Park home Fresh questions have been raised about how Business Secretary Peter Mandelson was able to buy a £2.
Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said it was "crucial" that the Government acted now to provide help amid warnings that scores of smaller businesses were going bust every day.
Lord Mandelson has been added as a character - or avatar - in the controversial online world Second Life, until now notorious as a haven for adulterers and porn addicts.
I must say that, as of yesterday, there is no doubt that Peter Mandelson is the Deputy Prime Minister in all but name.
PETER MANDELSON TURNS HIS BACK ON TRUE SCOTTISH KILT MAKING! Alyn Smith SNP MEP for Scotland has expressed his disappointment at the Cabinet Secretary for Business, Peter Mandelsons decision to do a u-turn in his support for the Scottish Kilt.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling are discussing the terms of last Octobers rescue plan with banks, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson said Wednesday.
LONDON (Reuters) - Quantitative easing was not on our agenda at present, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson said on Wednesday.
Mr Mandelson was also unenthusiastic from the start.