Vice President Rodolfo Nin novoa of Uruguay

Gonzalo Nin Novoa is a Uruguayan administrator.
Although not overtly a political figure, Gonzalo Nin Novoa has attracted wide media exposure regarding a number of issues.
Among the issues with which Nin Novoa has been indentified has been the successful efforts to prevent the privatization of water supplies, and other services, amidst fears of its effects on users living in the interior of the country 1.
Nin Novoa has been Vice President of Uruguay, under President Tabaré Vázquez, since 2005.
Rodolfo Nin Novoa was the candidate elected as vice-president of Uruguay in the October 2004 presidential elections, when the socialist doctor Tabaré Vázquez was elected as president.
Nin Novoa said that it was an honor to participate in this Expo that is dedicated to discussing a subject as critical as water.
Asuncion, Nov 22 (Prensa Latina) Uruguayan Vice President Rodolfo Nin Novoa said Tuesday the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) is fundamental for the economic growth of its members.