Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Alisher Vohidov of Uzbekistan

Uzbek Ambassador Alisher Vohidov said Canada had got it all wrong about the events in Andijan, saying dozens of people were killed by the so-called demonstrators carrying arms.
Vohidov said Uzbekistan has taken action to comply with the Security Council mandate on blocking funding, arms shipments, and travel related to Al-Qaeda and its associates.
Vohidov was Chief Adviser to the United Nations Resident Coordinator at the United Nations Office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Vohidov was a researcher at the Academy of Sciences' Institute of Economics in Moscow for four years beginning in 1975, and at the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences in Tashkent for one year before that.
Vohidov took post-graduate courses in international economics at Moscow's Academy of Foreign Trade.
Vohidov was born on 24 December 1951.
Alisher Vohidov is the Ambassador to the United Nations for Uzbekistan.