Minister of Public Utilities Edward Natapei of Vanuatu

Natapei said his party is always ready to work jointly with the CPC "in pushing the friendly relations and cooperation between our two parties to a new high.
If those two parties can attract enough others to form a government, Edward Natapei is expected to be the new prime minister, with former prime minister, Ham Lini, expected to become his deputy.
Mr Natapei was elected prime minister three days ago after heavy lobbying among political parties over the formation of the new government.
Economy - overview The economy is based primarily on subsistence or small-scale agriculture which provides a living for 65% of the population.
On Monday, Edward Natapei was elected to lead after weeks of uncertainty following a close election on September 2.
Mr Natapei was Prime Minister in 2001, when he served for three years.
Natapei is generally expected to win about half of the 52 seats on offer in 17 constituencies during the May 2 poll, and his Vanuaaku (Our Land) party will probably need the continuing support of Serge Vohor's Union of Moderate Parties (UMP.
But Natapei has brought a whiff of hope for greater stability in the country that is widely viewed as the most likely candidate to go down the Solomons route to political and economic ruin.
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Natapei is visiting China as guest of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.
Political commentators have predicted that the country is in for a political roller coaster ride.
A motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Edward Natapei has been lodged at the office of the Speaker, Vanuatu Daily Post.
Prime Minister Edward Natapei was able to secure 26 votes to defeat Maxim Carlot Korman's motion, despite the defection earlier in the week of three government members.
Vanuatu Prime Minister Edward Natapei said that tribal chiefs and community leaders throughout the country are being urged to promote HIV awareness and educate the public about the risk of multiple sexual partners.
Natapei was previously the Minister of Foreign Affairs briefly in 1991, the acting President of Vanuatu from 2 March 1999 to 24 March 1999 (during a time in which he was the Speaker of Parliament), Prime Minister from 2001 until 2004, and then Deputy Prime Minister.
Natapei was first elected to Parliament in 1983.
In a parliamentary vote on 25 November 1999, Natapei was a candidate for the position of Prime Minister, but was defeated by Barak Sopé, receiving 24 votes against 28 for Sope.
A split in Vanua'aku Pati was resolved in August 2005, and Natapei was re-elected as its President, receiving 124 votes against 67 for Sela Molisa.
Natapei was elected Prime Minister on 22 September 2008, by the Parliament of Vanuatu after three weeks of negotiations following the country's September 2nd general election.
Natapei received 27 of the 52 votes in Parliament to become Prime Minister for a second term.
NOTE: The information regarding Vanuatu on this page is re-published from the 2002 World Fact Book of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.
Prime Minister Edward Natapei says the on-going political instability currently experienced in Vanuatu is the result of people distancing themselves from God Almighty.
Prime Minister Natapei said he believes the reason for him facing the third motion of no-confidence today is because God wants US to be united.
PORT VILA (RNZI Online/Pacific Media Watch): Vanuatus Prime Minister Edward Natapei says he will resist pressure to curb media freedom.
Earlier, Natapei said he had been facing pressure since the beginning of the year to restrict the media.
Mr Natapei is expected to announce his Cabinet lineup this afternoon.
width="285" height="190" alt="Vanuatu's prime minister Edward Natapei is facing a vote of no confidence after just 10 days in the job.
Vanuatu's prime minister Edward Natapei is facing a vote of no confidence after just 10 days in the job.
Vanuatu’s Prime Minister Edward Natapei has survived the last session of the parliamentary year without losing his job after the opposition withdrew a motion of no-confidence in his government before Tuesday’s special sitting.
Nominated by out-going prime minister, Ham Lini, Prime Minister Natapei has had a substantial career in politics and was also Prime Minister from 2001 until 2004.
Representing a coalition of parties including his own, Vanua'aku Party, Prime Minister Natapei received 27 of the 52 votes in parliament while his opponent, Maxime Carlot Korman, received 25.
Edward Natapei said with the Pacific Plan the region can "take collective action where we will all benefit from doing so, but at the same time, determine our own national goals and priorities and work towards them.
11 SEPTEMBER 2008 PORT VILA (Pacnews.
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