Minister of Ni-Vanuatu Business Development Joshua Kalsakau of Vanuatu

Joshua Kalsakau is a Vanuatuan politician.
Joshua Kalsakau is the president of the party whilst Lui Kaltonga is its general secretary.
Joshua Kalsakau was reelected from his seat in the 2008 parliamentary election.
After the elections, Joshua Kalsakau was named as the new Minister of Justice in the cabinet of Edward Natapei.
The minister for Ni-Vanuatu business, Joshua Kalsakau has been replaced.
I find that witness Yoan Kalsakau is a trustworthy witness.
He says theres been no comment yet from the national government which Mr Kalsakau is a part of.
Hon Kalsakau said that at the end workshop participants would have the challenge to modify the social and cultural patterns and conduct of Pacific men and women, to address the discrimination women faced in the Pacific.