President Kalkot Matas Kelekele of Vanuatu

After parliamentary elections in July, Serge Vohor became prime minister for a second time, and in August, Kalkot Mataskelekele was elected president.
From PacNews) 13 SEPTEMBER 2004 PORT VILA (Pacnews) - Vanuatu President Kalkot Matas Kelekele has acknowledged with respect the customary chiefly title of Taripoamuri Koro Vanua bestowed upon him by the chief and community of Panita in Port Vila last weekend.
On August 5, 2006, Vanuatuan President Kalkot Matas Kelekele met with visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, and Prime Minister Ham Lini and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sato Kilman held separate talks with Li.
Kalkot Matas Kelekele was elected president by the nation's 58-member electoral college.
A lawyer in Vanuatu's capital of Port Vila, Kelekele is the nation's first head of state to hold a university degree.