Minister of Finance and Economic Development Moana Carcasses of Vanuatu

Mr Carcasses said many of the families who had contacted him were prepared to take legal action if negotiations failed.
Carcasses said Vanuatu would continue to adhere to the "one-China" policy, a key component of Vanuatu's diplomatic policy.
They also questioned Amnesty reports about the conditions of the prison released back in 1998 when Carcasses was in the Government but did not address it until now.
Carcasses said that the government of Vanuatu would adhere to the one-China principle, an important part of its foreign policies.
Mr Carcasses says he doesnt agree with union actions like holding people against their will at the abattoir as it is unlawful.
Deputy opposition leader Moana Carcasses says they did not have sufficient support to vote out the government of Ham Lini.
Mr Carcasses says a voting system like the one France has, with two rounds of voting, would curb MP defections:“That will definitely put the people who are more right, right wing, to the right side supporting the candidates of the right wing movement, and the ones left/left will support the left side.