Deputy Prime Minister Sato Kilman of Vanuatu

Sato Kilman was the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in the Government of Vanuatu from December 2004 to July 2007.
In the new cabinet established on December 13, 2004, Kilman was rewarded by becoming Lini's deputy, as well as taking the position of foreign minister.
Kilman was dismissed from the government in a cabinet reshuffle in late July 2007.
Agreeing to Wen's remarks, Kilman said China, as an important partner and earnest friend to Vanuatu, played a positive role in economic and social development of Vanuatu with its large amount of donation to Vanuatu over the past years.
Kilman is here at the invitation of Chinese State Councilor TangJiaxuan and he will conclude his China tour on Jan 24.
During his meeting with visiting Vanuatuan Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sato Kilman, Tang spoke highly of Vanuatu's position of sticking to the one-China policy and the "significant contribution" that Kilman has made to safeguarding and developing Sino-Vanuatuan ties.
While appreciating China for its "selfless assistance" to Vanuatu since the two nations established diplomatic relations, Kilman said that China has played a "significant" role in promoting Vanuatu's economic and social development.
Kilman is visiting China at the invitation of Tang and will chair an opening ceremony for Vanuatu's Embassy in China which, Kilman said, indicates that bilateral ties have entered a new phase of development.
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Mr Kilman has lost his Foreign Affairs portfolio and his position as Deputy Prime Minister.
Bogiri said Kilman has been instrumental from the beginning in dealing with the Fiji issues and his Government would not want to wreck the momentum of the work he’d done so far.
Sato Kilman is the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in the Government of Vanuatu.
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