Minister of Finance Ali Rodriguez araque of Venezuela

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Ali Rodriguez Araque was born in 1937.
The United States' aggressive interventionist proposal, punted by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had met with solid rejection by the majority of OAS members, headed by Venezuela inasmuch as Foreign Minister (MRE) Ali Rodriguez Araque said that the OAS is not authorized to make evaluations on the state of democracy in the different countries, no matter how much Washington D.
Venezuela's Foreign Minister (MRE) Ali Rodriguez Araque has obviously demanded proof of Noriega's absurd accusations adding that "finger-pointing like this makes it even more difficult to keep up good relations with the United States.
5 percent rate in 2007 and was even higher than the 27 percent Finance Minister Ali Rodriguez Araque had estimated it would be last month, the Herald Tribune said.
Rodriguez Araque denied his government supported certain Bolivian sectors amid the crisis gripping the country, as asserted by Roger Noriega, US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs.