President Hugo Chavez frias of Venezuela

The government of Hugo Chavez Frias was elected democratically and enjoyed significant popular support.
Hugo Chavez Frias was a participant or observer in the following events: December 6, 1998: Hugo Chavez Elected President of VenezuelasEL('1626004942-5724','5724') Hugo Chavez is elected president, beating Henrique Salas Romer, a Yale-educated former governor of Carabobo state.
That declaration, Chavez Frias said to today, "was a slap in the face of history, and a slap in the face for all of US who know our history and the ideals to which Bolivar devoted his life.
The Bolivarian dream of Hugo Chavez Frias is a large and inclusive one.
For this slogan, which Chavez Frias says has at times "been no more than an excuse for cowards, or a by-word of traitors and conservatives," he substitutes what we might well term a Bolivarian Alternative: "Politics is the art of making possible tomorrow what seems impossible today.