Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicolas Maduro moros of Venezuela

Referring to the two states' joint project for the manufacture of tractor in Venezuela, Maduro Moros said that the venture is of crucial significance for the forlorn farmers of Venezuela and the Indian population of the region.
Maduro Moros described Latin America and the Caribbean as a peaceful and freedom-seeking region, reminding that the Latinos have always rejected imperialism.
Close China-Venezuela ties will lead to more exchanges between Asia and Latin America, for both the countries have been calling for multilateralism in international relations, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro Moros said in Beijing yesterday.
Venezuelan chancellor Nicolás Maduro Moros said he had conversed with his Colombian counterpart, Jaime Bermúdez Merizalde, who confirmed to him that he would "retire the Colombian consul in Maracaibo", Carlos Galvis Fajardo, "which I thanked him for.