Chairman, Government Inspectorate Tran Van Truyen of Vietnam

Government Inspector General Tran Van Truyen said that Vietnamese agencies are targeting their battle against corruption at specific areas, trying to bolster the confidence of the people in the Governments determination to fight this menace.
Do not let people to gather in huge crowds in Hanoi," Truyen said in the message, published on the official government website, which specifically mentions the Central Committee and National Assembly meetings as potential targets for demonstrations.
Chief Inspector Truyen said that Viet Nam and Cambodia have actively boosted the exchange of experiences and high-level delegations, helping increase the mutual understanding and paving the way for tie-up between the two agencies.
The governments tough measures against corruption over the past two years have helped reduce the evil, the Government Inspector General Tran Van Truyen said at the eighth meeting of the Anti-Corruption Central Steering Committee in Hanoi on Oct 30.
Truyen said most of the cases investigated and settled recently were those bequeathed from the past.