Minister of Planning and Investment Vo Hong Phuc of Vietnam

Inflation will be stopped at this rate if the governments monetary policy and eight groups of solutions to contain inflation are carried out carefully and effectively, minister Phuc said in the 12th National Assembly's question and answer session.
In relation to the issue that many State-owned economic groups and corporations have invested heavily in areas out of their operations scope, Minister Phuc said there will be regulations tightening the conditions, capital capacity and the field of business activities for the establishment of an economic group.
ending 2010 to fuel economic growth targeted at 7.
Mr Phuc said England is listed the 10th on the list of numerous investors in Vietnam.
The minister Vo Hong Phuc said that the sum of US$6 billion will be taken from the government's reserve fund and other sources like construction bond issues (about 20 trillion dong.
Phuc has served both local and foreign clients doing business in Vietnam.
Phuc is able to assist clients in settling complex multidimensional legal problems, reduce transaction costs, increase the competitiveness of their services and products, minimize legal risks, and generate optimal economic benefits to clients doing business in Vietnam.
Phuc joined a Paris-based law firm: Lafarge Flcheux Campana Le Blevennec (LBLF Vietnam) as an associate.
Phuc joined Prudential Assurance as an in-house counsel for agency compliance, general regulatory and corporate compliance.
with key governmental authorities in Hanoi.
October 17, 2003 - VN/USrelationsCopyright 2003 BBC Monitoring/BBCBBC Monitoring International ReportsOctober 16, 2003Vietnamese Planning and Investment Minister Vo Hong Phuc has said thecountry must step up efforts to promote investment opportunities to the USbusiness community on his return from a five-day visit to Washington andNew York.