Minister of Foreign Affairs Abu Bakr Abdallah Al-qirbi of Yemen

In a separate meeting, Yemeni Foreign Minister Abu Bakr Abdallah al-Qirbi said that certain groups oppose the satisfactory relations between Iran and Yemen, but he declined to name the groups.
In a statement to Saba, Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi said that Yemen is ready to try any of those detainees according to the Yemeni constitution and laws and based on indictment files presented by the American side containing all evidences against them.
For the bodies of Yemeni citizens killed in Israel, Al-Qirbi said that President Ali Abdallah Salih had ordered to transfer the bodies of Yemeni fighters who killed in military operations against Israel to Yemen.
Yemeni Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Abu-Bakr Abdallah Al-Qirbi has met a delegation of the Alliance for Re-liberation of Somalia [faction of Somali opposition alliance that has now made its base in Djibouti, while their colleagues still remain in their headquarters in Asmara, Eritrea.
Al-Qirbi receives invitation of Milan's Forum SANA'A, Jan 21 (Saba)- Foreign Minister Abu Bakr Abdallah al-Qirbi received on Monday an invitation to participate in the Milan's Forum for providing the world food and energy needs.
During their meeting, President Isayas and Dr Abu-Bakr Abdallah al-Qirbi discussed bilateral relations, the current situation of our region, particularly the Horn of Africa and Southern Red Sea.