Minister of Labor and Social Security Austin Liato of Zambia

Labour and Social Security Minister, Austin Liato said in an interview in Kabwe that the Government made the proposal during talks with mining companies on how best to keep jobs for Zambians under the current circumstances.
Mr Liato said the Government told the mining companies that reducing on the number of expatriates would help maintain Zambians in their jobs as the salary of an individual expatriate could cater for more than 10 Zambians.
Mr Liato said the Government was very concerned about the situation and wanted to see job losses for Zambians as the last resort in ensuring smooth operations for the mines.
Austin Chisangu Liato is a member of the Pan-African Parliament from Zambia.
Deputy Labor Minister Austin Liato was cited as saying work stoppages should be the last resort after all channels are exhausted by union representatives.
Zambia's labor deputy minister Austin Liato said at the signing ceremony that the MoU will ensure that Chinese investors understand Zambia's labor in order to enhance better working conditions for the people.
As China is becoming the fastest growing economy, Liato said Zambians stand to benefit a lot particularly in the areas of capacity building in order to enhance labor inspections.
Liato said the signing of the MoU is a positive step as it will bring good fortune to areas where difficulties were being experienced in order to achieve positive results.
Liato warns PamodziBy Lambwe KachaliFriday October 05, 2007 Labour deputy minister Austin Liato has warned Taj Pamodzi Hotel that the law will visit them should they reduce workers’ conditions of service.
Reacting to Pamodzi Hotel management that has defied the government’s directives not to downgrade conditions of service for its unionised employees, Liato said there was no Act under labour laws that allowed employers to reduce conditions of service for its workers.
Liato said it was unfortunate that investors coming to Zambia were taking advantage of the peaceful investment atmosphere the country accorded them.
Liato said his ministry would monitor the happenings at the hotel to ensure that no employee was victimised.
From The Post (Zambia) - AAGM) Byline: Bivan Saluseki ONE can not be born and die in the same political party, Kaoma MMD member of parliament Austin Liato has said.
enhance better working conditions for the people.
Minister of Labour and Social Security, Austin Liato said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the decision by management at First Quantum Minerals to reduce the wages for managers and other executive officers had come at the right time and should be emulated by all mining companies to protect jobs.
Mr Liato said government would continue engaging mining companies on the need to implement measures aimed at protecting people’s jobs.
Labour and Social Security Minister, Austin Liato said in an interview in Lusaka that calls to extend business hours were welcome but employers should look at alternative staff shifts.
Mr Liato said extension of trading hours would enable businesses attract more trade.
Liato said it is wrong for some opposition leaders to blame president, Rupiah Banda, for the low copper prices because the problem affects all copper producing countries.
Briefing the press at Floriana Lodge after a prolonged meeting, labour deputy minister Austin Liato said the mine had also extended the contract of service from two to five years and increased leave passage from K200,000 to K1 million.
Labour deputy minister, Austin Liato said operations should only resume after safety measures were put in place in a weeks time.
UDA visually impaired UDA visually impaired Lusaka, March 09, ZANIS – Lusaka Province Minister Austin Liato says the newly formed United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has no better vision than the vision being championed by the New Deal Administration.
Liato says UDA is a fallacy because it is allegedly composed of a group of desperate leaders with questionable ambitions.
Liato has since called on the electorate to rally behind the MMD government because it is focused and has the interest of the nation at heart.
Liato has further prodded opposition political party leaders from peddling insults.