Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Brian Chituwo of Zambia

Dr Chituwo said in a ministerial statement in Parliament yesterday that experts at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) had carried out their investigations which proved that the contraceptive does not contain HIV.
Zambia has begun manufacturing antiretroviral drugs with help from Cuba, Health Minister Brian Chituwo said on Sunday, Xinhuanet reports.
On Wednesday, health minister Dr Brian Chituwo said there would not have been panic over Depo if Zambians in general and medical personnel in particular read widely because a study of human biology would reveal that HIV could not survive in a chemical like Depo Provera.
HEALTH Minister Brian Chituwo has said malaria still remains the leading killer disease of pregnant women in Zambia.
This policy change is aimed at providing access to more effective treatment with the overall aim of rHEALTH Minister Brian Chituwo has said malaria still remains the leading killer disease of pregnant women in Zambia.
Dr Chituwo said according to the 2003 health management information systems' report, 4,093,401 cases of malaria were diagnosed, contributing 37 per cent to all diagnosis and 45 per cent of the top 10 diagnoses.
Dr Chituwo said treatment of Malaria had also come into question because of increasing treatment failures with drugs like chloroquine.
LUSAKA, Aug 20 (AFP) - The number of young pregnant women infected with HIV in Zambia has dropped sharply, mainly due to awareness campaigns, Health Minister Brian Chituwo said Tuesday.
Chituwo said the challenge the southern African country faced was to access cheap and effective anti-retroviral drugs for its sick people.
Dr Chituwo said the Bill would set and implement standards for the assessment, evaluation and management of any potential risk involving the use of any genetically modified organism or product of a GMO.
Dr Chituwo said the Bill would also provide for the formation and registration of institutional bio-safety committees.
And Dr Chituwo has commended health personnel in Luapula for managing to reduce the incidences of Malaria in the area.
And Dr Chituwo said government would implement strategies to address the problem of malnutrition among children in Luapula.
Dr Chituwo said the Ministry of Health would soon seek the advice of the National Food and Nutrition Commission on best strategies for tackling malnutrition in the area.
Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Brian Chituwo said this in a ministerial statement to Parliament yesterday.
Dr Chituwo said Government had received applications for import permits for 67,000 metric tonnes of non-GMO maize mainly from South Africa.
Dr Chituwo said there was little non-GMO maize available in South Africa and that the cereal would attract a high premium priceHe, however, noted that there was no duty on maize imported from the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA.
Dr Chituwo said Government would work out a mechanism on duty on maize sourced from outside the region in order to lower the landed price of maize and make the price of mealie meal affordable to the consumers.
Dr Chituwo said Government was putting in place measures to inspect the GMO status of the maize and other sanitary requirementsHe said Government instructed the Zambia Agricultural Institute to advise importers on these requirements.
Dr Chituwo said the country had a total of 208,000 metric tonnes available.
Dr Chituwo said Government would continue monitoring the maize stocks and price of the commodity and assured the nation of food security.
But Chililabombwe MP Esther Banda (PF) wondered whether Dr Chituwo was aware that the smuggling of maize into the Democratic Republic of Congo had continued.
Dr Chituwo said Government had received reports of smuggling through the porous borders.
Although there have been improvements in TB management, Chituwo said that mortality rates remain high primarily because of the country's high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate.
Chituwo said in a ministerial statement presented in parliament today that at the time he suffered a stroke, Dr.
Chituwo said during questions for clarifications from MPs that the decision to evacuate Dr.
Chituwo said government was putting in place measures to ensure that the President continued to receive proper care when he returns from Paris.
Brian Chituwo said it is not practical to subsidise the cost of the staple food beyond the existing maize concessions from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA.
Chituwo lives in the stone age the price of mealie-meal is high because of the cost petrol, $10 dollars buys you 3 litres of Petrol in Zambia, Now $10 dollars buys you 7 litres of Petrol in the United States.
five-days planning workshop for the national AIDS council (NAC.
Zambia plans to recruit 7,000 teachers LUSAKA, Jan 16 (Xinhua) -- Zambia's pupil to teacher ratio will be down to 40 pupils per teacher by 2010 with more teachers to be employed, Education Minister Brian Chituwo said here Monday.
Chituwo said that the current national average ratio of 50 pupils to one teacher is unacceptable, adding that increasing the number of teachers in schools would enhance the quality of education.
Chituwo is optimistic that the budget would get the full support of parliament members, saying there would be no reason for the House to shoot it down because education is now being appreciated by everyone.
But Chituwo said Zambia was well short of the $560 million it says it needs every year to fight the spread of the disease and provide free drugs to poor Zambian sufferers.
Chituwo said drugs worth $9 million would arrive in Zambia next week and the government would start re-training its AIDS specialists before launching the project.
Chituwo said the pilot project would begin in Lusaka and the copperbelt region - which have high HIV prevalence rates - before going to the regions.
Chituwo said in a radio interview that SARS was not only a public health issue, but also an economic issue.
We recognise that the cost-sharing measures are a hinderance to the universal access to ARV's for patients," Chituwo said but added that the government introduced a fee to avoid the abuse of the AIDS drugs.
Chituwo said that target was still on track.
Medical personnel HIV/AIDS deaths saddening’By Sunday Times ReporterHEALTH Minister, Brian Chituwo has expressed concern that the major factor of attrition among the medical personnel in Zambia is death as a result of HIV/AIDS.
Dr Chituwo said it was sad that many people in the medical field were dying from HIV/AIDS despite them being a repository of knowledge.
Dr Chituwo said this at the sixth graduation ceremony of the Livingstone School of Nursing in Livingstone on Friday.
Intro: Tobacoo companies are cynical manipulators with no regard for life, health minister Dr Brian Chituwo has charged.
Health Minister Brian Chituwo said this year's budget had called for $560 million "to engage in activities that will at least mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS," and that funds have fallen short of the needed total.
THE Government will not issue any export permits for maize and mealie meal until the food situation in the country stabilises, Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister, Brian Chituwo has said.
Dr Chituwo said he summoned the Omnia officials yesterday over their decision to close all of their depots and he was happy that the company had agreed.
Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister, Brian Chituwo said in Lusaka yesterday that the Government was committed to dialogue, especially over mealie meal prices.
Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Brian Chituwo said he saw no need for the PF to protest because Government had shown commitment to stabilise the prices by directing the Food Reserve Agency to offload more maize on the market.
Dr Chituwo said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that prices of mealie-meal were below K60,000 because Government had subsidised the commodity.
Dr Chituwo said the ministry would exploit the possibility of rice production in Kaputa, Chama and Kalabo.
Chituwo said in an interview with Zambia News Agency in Lusaka, that government would not use its citizens as guinea pigs adding that microbicides have been proved as an effective method of preventing HIV/AIDS infections in countries where they been tried.
Chituwo said government was happy with the introduction of microbicides in Zambia as this would help reduce the HIV/ AIDS infections further.
Chituwo said in parliament today that government was supplying ARVs to AIDS patients through provincial health centre with Lusaka city having Kalingalinga, Kanyama, Chelston and Matero health centres supplementing the University Teaching Hospital in distributing the drugs.
Chituwo said Lusaka and Copperbelt province has the highest prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS infected people while Northwestern, Luapula and Northern province had the least prevalence rate.
Chituwo said the viral load machines would only be reserved for the UTH and Ndola Central Hospitals.
Chituwo said government decided to charge K40,000 per patient per month as a cost sharing mechanism towards the purchase of more drugs.
Chituwo said the World Food Programme (WPF) would soon start providing supplement feeding to the AIDS and TB patients in various centres that would be identified.
In a broadcast on state television on Friday night, Chituwo said Mwanawasa remained in a stable but heavily sedated condition in the hospital to which he was flown after suffering a stroke during an African Union summit in Egypt.