Minister of Presidential Affairs Gabriel Namulambe of Zambia

This is just a tip of the ice berg, that's the way I see it because Gabriel Namulambe was totally in agreement with mulyata's action.
Sports minister Gabriel Namulambe said at a press conference after visiting Konkola Stadium, where twelve people were killed with up to fifty people injured, that the Zambian government had established an investigation committee and a formal report on the incident was requested by next Friday.
At the end of the soccer match we all thought everything had ended well, only to be shocked with the news that 12 fans had died after the match," Namulambe said in Copperbelt Province.
Sports Minister Gabriel Namulambe was quoted as saying that 206 billion kwacha (51.
Namulambe said the LOC would be multi-sectoral and would include officials from various line ministries such as Tourism, Education.
Namulambe said he was positive that international sports organisations such as the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) would partner with the National Olympic Committee (NOC) to help with he successful hosting of the Games.
Namulambe said while the Zambian government would pump a lot of the required money into the games, he was hopeful that the private sector would also heavily weigh in to lighten the financial burden.
Asked about whether the government would offer tax incentives to companies willing to pump their monies into the Games, Namulambe said it would tread cautiously on the matter.
Zambian Sports Minister Gabriel Namulambe has warned against the debate on the recruitment of an expatriate coach until further notice, Times of Zambia reported on Friday.
The issue of the coach should not pre-occupy the minds of the Zambians, Namulambe was quoted as saying.
Gabriel Namulambe said in a statement.
Namulambe said Zambia was set to provide legislation for measures contained in the charter, such as discouraging child labour and providing free education to children.
Namulambe attributes poor show to bad preps By VICTOR KUMWENDAMINISTER of Sport, Youth and Child Development Gabriel Namulambe has said Zambian athletes are performing badly at the Beijing Olympic Games because they did not prepare adequately.
Namulambe said it is very clear from the athlete’s performances that the Olympic team did not have adequate preparations needed to effectively compete at the global games.
Namulambe was commenting on the bad performance of lightweight boxer Hastings Bwalya and Precious Makina who both lost their bouts to Mongolia’s Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg and Hanati Silamu of China respectively.
Namulambe said there is need for the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) and National Olympic Committee to reverse the poor performance.
Namulambe said an agreement with Cuba had already been signed and what remained was implementation.
Namulambe said Zambia’s improved position on the FIFA Coca-Cola rankings should also translate in the team scoring more goals as that is the only way to restore the country’s pride.
Namulambe said Government secured the training camp in Germany because they wanted the team to have adequate preparations before meeting Togo.
Namulambe said on Wednesday that local contractors were charging as high as K400 billion for the construction of the grand stand.
Contributing to the motion on the second report of the committee on Government assurances, Namulambe said Government wanted to empower local contractors but they were a disappointment.
Former Sports minister, Gabriel Namulambe is the new presidential affairs minister and former Information and Broadcasting Services minister, Vernon Mwaanga.
Zambian sports minister Gabriel Namulambe has urged his compatriots to win convincingly as a tribute to the late president.
Namulambe said the victims were caught in a stampede started by a group of fans who wanted to re-enter the stadium when the main body of more than 30,000 other fans were fighting to leave.
In an interview Tuesday, Sports Minister Gabriel Namulambe said following a meeting last Friday with president of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Teddy Mulonga, FAZ technical committee chairman Henschel Chitembeya and acting general secretary of FAZ Fidelis Banda, an administrative update was tabled.
Namulambe said the necessary details of the breakdown would be handled by government controlling officers.
Investigating committeeNamulambe said the Zambian government has set up a committee to investigate the circumstances and had ordered it to report back by next Friday.
Sport, Youth and Child Development Minister Gabriel Namulambe has endorsed the decision by the football association of Zambia to ban football games at shinde stadium.
Mr Namulambe said the conduct by Mufulira supporters must be condemned by all soccer loving Zambians.
Hon Namulambe is completely off-side to take sides.
Youth, Sport and Child Development minister, Gabriel Namulambe has challenged youths in the country to desist from politicking.
The Zambian government has maintained that it will employ an expatriate coach for the Zambia national soccer team after the 2008 Ghana Africa Cup of Nations tournament next year, Minister of Sports, Youth and Child Development Gabriel Namulambe said on Friday.
Sports ministerGabriel Namulambe says the process of recruiting a foreign coach has now been halted after consultations with the Football Association of Zambia (Faz) and other footballing organisations.
Namulambe said they had decided to suspend the search for a foreign coach because of the confusion surrounding the process.
Namulambe said Phiri has since been told to appoint his technical assistants for the January 2008 Nations Cup finals.
Namulambe said the government would bury the remains of the dead either Sunday or Monday in a mass grave.
Coach Patrick PhiriLUSAKA, Nov 16 (Xinhua) -- The Zambian government has maintained that it will employ an expatriate coach for the Zambia national soccer team after the 2008 Ghana Africa Cup of Nations tournament next year, Minister of Sports, Youth and Child Development Gabriel Namulambe said on Friday.
Namulambe said that the national soccer team Coach Patrick Phiri will lead the senior chipolopolo boys to the 2008 Ghana Africa Cup of nations tournament.
Namulambe said the government will after the 2008 Ghana Africa Cup of Nations employ an expatriate coach as it is working-out modalities of training the local coaches for the senior position of the coach.
Meanwhile, Namulambe said the government has started holding talks with the Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) and other cooperating partners on the issue of paying an expatriate coach and training of local coaches so that they can help.
Sports Minister Gabriel Namulambe said he felt fooled and cheated that he went out of his way to facilitate for Tana's trip, when some officials at FAZ had already submitted a list of players to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) that would represent Zambia, but deliberately chose to mislead him.
Namulambe said this when he met Provincial and District Sports Advisory Committees in Livingstone today to sensitize them on the importance of developing sports in their respective areas and preparing adequately for Zambia's hosting of the All Africa games in 2011.
Namulambe said he did not condemn the performance of those who played but added that deliberate efforts should have been made to ensure experienced players like Tana were included in the team.
Namulambe said government was ready to partner with organizations that were interested in promoting and developing sports in the country.
Livingstone, February 2, ZANIS-Sport, Youth and Child Development Minister Gabriel Namulambe says favoritism will not be entertained during the selection of athletes to represent the country at the 2011 All Africa Games to be hosted by Zambia.
Namulambe said selection would be done on merit because spies from different sports associations will be present to ensure only the best were selected without nepotism and other factors disturbing the process.
And Namulambe said holding of District and Provincial Sports Festivals can be effective in identifying the talent needed to represent the country in the all Africa Games.
Namulambe said the festivals would help in ensuring the best sportsmen and women were picked and this in itself would enable the host nation reap as many medals as possible.
Namulambe said all equipment would be disbursed through District Commissioners Offices to avoid any political conflicts because this was a government initiative.
Namulambe said Zambia was expected to participate in 25 sports disciplines but DSACS had the opportunity to select only those they knew they could find athletes that could perform excessively well because not every district could provide people in all the 25.
At the end of the soccer match we all thought everything had ended well, only to be shocked with the news that 12 fans had died after the match," Namulambe said on the evening bulletin of state owned Television Zambia.
Namulambe said the Zambian government has set up a committee to investigate the circumstances and had ordered it to report back by next Friday.
In an interview with The Post newspapers after addressing the Zambia national soccer team at Barclays Sports Complex in Lusaka yesterday, Namulambe said it was important that the team started scoring goals.
Namulambe said he also visited the team to clarify coach Renard’s statement that the poor state of playing pitches in the country had contributed to Zambia’s goal drought recently.
Namulambe said Renard told him he did not imply the poor pitches in Zambia but his statement during the COSAFA Senior Challenge referred to one pitch in Mpumalanga.
Namulambe said encouraged the Chipolopolo Boys to concentrate on the Togo task.
Namulambe said CAF and FIFA should show a human face and pick an appropriate alternative date for the match initially scheduled for September 6 at Konkola Stadium in Chililabombwe.
Namulambe said the government would meet the Football Association of Zambia today over the issue.
Stadium costs K221 bnStadium costs K221 bnMINISTER of Sport, Youth and Child Development Gabriel Namulambe says the construction of the new ultra modern stadium in Ndola will cost the Chinese government US$65 million (about K221 billion.
Namulambe said at a press briefing held at Government Complex in Lusaka yesterday that the total cost of the construction of the stadium has been pegged at US $ 65 million and the whole costs would be met by the Chinese government.
Namulambe said a team of Zambian experts led by Ministry of Sport, Youth and Child Development Permanent Secretary Bob Samakai was also in China recently to review the preliminary design drawings and make amendments where necessary.
Namulambe said the maximum completion period of the stadium would be two years.
And Namulambe said government would consider engaging a foreign constructor to work at the Independence stadium if local firms would continue charging exorbitant fees.
Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development Gabriel Namulambe said in Lusaka yesterday that shooting was not likely to be among the sports disciplines lined up for 2011 All Africa Games that Zambia would host because the sport involved the use of arms.
Mpongwe receives vaccines for rabies Ndola-ZANA--Mpongwe District Council has received 50 doses of vaccines for rabies, council secretary Mr Gabriel Namulambe has diclosed.
Mr Namulambe said the vaccines were obtained from the ministry of health in Lusaka.
Mr Namulambe said vaccines for the dogs had also been sourced.
Provide free ARV's, appeals PS Solwezi - North western province permanent secretary, Gabriel Namulambe has re-iterated his appeal for free provision of Anti-Retroviral (ARV) drugs.
Namulambe said most people especially in rural areas were too poor to afford even the subsidised amount required for ARVs because they also had to struggle to find food.
Namulambe has appointed chief Mumena as new Provincial AIDS Task Force chairperson in an effort to incorporate traditional leaders in the fight against HIV/AIDS and thereby taking the fight to the grassroot community.
Namulambe said it was at the community level that the fight against HIV/AIDS mattered most because the disease tends to affect the less advantaged much because of lack of resources and ignorance on the causes and how they could be prevented.