Vice President George Kunda of Zambia

When another parliament member asked whether the president has the discretion not to follow the law by refusing to sign death warrants, Kunda said he has.
Kunda said the prerogative of mercy committee has been active since 2001 and that a number of death sentences have been reduced to life or terminable sentences.
Vice president George Kunda has thanked President Rupiah Banda for appointing him into that position.
Mr Kunda said in an interview at his ministry of Justice office in Lusaka that he expected the appointment because he was among the longest serving and most experienced ministers in the MMD government.
Mr Kunda said he would not fail to work as both vice president and minister of justice.
Mr Kunda said he once worked as both minister of Justice and attorney general.
On his role as vice president, Mr Kunda said he would continue the plans left by his predecessor Rupiah Banda now President.
Mr Kunda said he has confidence in the people of Zambia to allow him contribute to the development efforts currently being unfolded.
George Kunda Takes Miyanda to Task.
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Kunda said a weather forecast had shown that 34 of the southern African country's 73 districts would again be hit.
The Vice President of the Republic of Zambia His Honour Mr George Kunda has urged member States to support the integration and harmonization of programmes being spearheaded by the three regional blocs namely EAC, COMESA and SADC.
Mr Kunda said the East African Community, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa and the Southern African Development Community have embarked on a historic path of having a wider Free Trade Area which will encompass all the three.
Mr Kunda was speaking at the opening of the 25th COMESA Council of Ministers meeting held in Lusaka at the COMESA Secretariat on 4th December 2008.
Mr Kunda said Government also lost 90 legal cases in 2005, 98 in 2006 and 74 last year from all of which it spent a total of K310,983,397,960.
Mr Kunda was responding to Chipili member of Parliament, Mr Davies Mwila (PF), who wanted to know how many legal cases Government lost from 2001 to 2007.
But Mr Kunda said it was the duty of Government to ensure that the fight against crime continued.
NEWLY-APPOINTED Vice-President George Kunda has said that he is ready for the challenges of the office as President Banda’s second-in-command.
Mr Kunda said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that his appointment as Vice-President entailed that he assisted in realising the President’s vision on improving the standards of living for Zambians.
On the fight against corruption, Mr Kunda said that Government would have to put in place measures that would make the fight against corruption more effective.
Mr Kunda said he also had the challenge of continuing to attract investors and helping to improve the economy as emphasised by President Banda during Friday’s Pres conference.
On his role in Parliament, Mr Kunda said that he has been an advisor to Government on how to conduct business in Parliament, adding that he would continue his role but this time as leader of the House.
Mr Kunda said the Solicitor-General and Attorney-General would also work with people at his Ministry and that he had no doubt that the Ministry would remain unshaken.
On the National Constitutional Conference (NCC), Mr Kunda said he would want the constitution-making process expedited.
Kunda has plans for corrupt chaps pa Zed.
Vice President George Kunda has called on farmers in the country to embark on crops diversification with a view to addressing the challenges of the rising food prices and other essential commodities.
Kunda says as the country recovers from its economic doldrums, there was need for farmers in the country to embark on crop diversification in order to enhance food security in the country.
Kunda said governments move to engage farmers to diverse to other crops was also aimed at addressing the global challenges associated with the soaring prices of food and the falling of copper prices.
Kunda has called on the opposition political parties that are inciting people to demonstrate over the rising prices of mealie-meal and other essential commodities to desist from inciting people to demonstrate and instead encourage them to grow more food.
Kunda said there was no need for the opposition to start accusing the ruling government of being irresponsible over the escalating prices of food and other essential commodities as the problem was a global challenge.
Son of Jackson Kunda and Eginala Mwelwa, Mr Kunda was born on February 26, 1956 in Luanshya,His parents, who are quite advanced in age, hail from Serenje’s Mashimani Village where they still live.
Mr Kunda is the man who firmly held to the position of LAZ chairman for four years from 1996 to 2000 when he stood down.
Mr Kunda was born on February 26, 1956 in Luanshya of a miner Njanamo Kunda and Eginala Mwelwa who hailed from Serenjes Musamani village where they now live.
Integrity for Mr Kunda is translated as honest, hard work.
Mr Kunda said he accepted to go into politics as a service to Zambians as he felt obliged to contribute something to national development.
It was while at Mpatamatu secondary school that he came into contact with some lawyers whom Mr Kunda says influenced him to become one after school.
Current Mpatamatu Old Students Association chairman Phillimon Mbewe, said it was a great thing that Mr Kunda was appointed the Legal minister.
Despite being very comfortable by Zambian standards, Mr Kunda is a man who does not spend his money carelessly and he is on a salary just like his wife and his workers.
We have developed a contingency plan targeting 31 districts in the event of occurrence of the floods," Kunda said on state television late on Tuesday.
Kunda said the government had sent teams to assess the gravity of hunger in Southern province.
VICE-President George Kunda has said the Government will make provisions in next year's Budget to carry the nation through the effects of the global financial crisis and urged opposition parties and other stakeholders to make suggestions so that they can be taken on board.
THE Government has started cutting on expenditure on some of the budgetary allocations to mitigate the effects of the current national economic challenges, Vice-President George Kunda has said.
VICE-PRESIDENT George Kunda has said the Government has developed a contingency plan against anticipated floods in 31 districts following the return of 14 Zambia Vulnerability Assessment Committee (Zamvac) teams from 34 districts.
Kunda said a weather forecast had shown that 34 of the southern African country's 73 districts would again be hit by floods, reducing the country's white maize output to 1.
Times of Zambia, 05/12/2008 VICE-PRESIDENT George Kunda has implored economic groupings in the region to speed up trade policy harmonisation in order to improve investment inflows.
Mr Kunda said the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa), Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the East African Community (EAC) should focus on improving investment inflows.
VICE-PRESIDENT George Kunda has invited human rights organisations to work with the Ministry of Justice to formulate the Human Rights Act to strengthen human rights enjoyment in Zambia.
Relevant Links As Vice-President George Kunda said when he received the donation, the gesture was proof that Nigeria was concerned about Zambia's plight and underscored a vision, which the two countries shared, of Africa finding solutions to its own problems.
VICE-PRESIDENT George Kunda has implored economic groupings in the region to speed up trade policy harmonisation in order to improve investment inflows.
President Rupiah has appointed Justice minister George Kunda as vice president as well as minister of justice.
Home Affairs Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha has been moved to the ministry of Information.
Its not a long time ago when it was reported that George Kunda had fainted in Parliament.
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Mr Kunda said from the interactions that government has had with the donors:" To the best of my knowledge, donors have refused to fund a constituent assembly.
Mr Kunda said according to the Central Statistics Office estimate, it would cost US $20 million to hold a census.
In answering the question, Mr Kunda said in estimating a structure, government was entitled to suggest a figure just like other organisations like the Oasis Forum did.
Kunda said further said conditions of service for staff under the judiciary would also be looked into.
Kunda was responding to a question by Bweengwa UPND Member of Parliament Japhet Moonde who wanted to know how many Magistrates and Local Court Justices are employed by government.
Kunda said the funds mainly go towards, briefings on polls, equipment, printing and publicity among other expenses.
His parents, who are quite advanced in age, hail from Serenjes Mashimani Village where they still live.
Mr Kunda is the first born in a family of nine.
Mr Kunda is married to Irene, a fellow lawyer and runs the familys legal firm, George Kunda and Company in Lusaka.
The couple met at the University of Zambia (Unza) while Mr Kunda was studying law and now have six children.
Mr Kunda describes his new appointment as a big challenge and assures the nation that he has already settled down to work, as that is what is demanded of him.
Mr Kunda has also experienced the dark side of his politicial career and he cites the serious accusations levelled against him and the Mwanawasa Government as the most trying time but he could not stand up to defend himself in the midst of all that even when he knew deep down that he was innocent.
Contrary to complaints that some MPs did not visit their constituencies regularly in order to acquaint themselves with the problems of the local people as well as monitor on-going developmental projects, Mr Kunda said he devotes time from his busy schedule to visit the constituency.
Mr Kunda says his constituency is vast, making it difficult for him to touch all corners within a short time whenever he is touring because of other pressing national duties.
Justice Minister George Kunda said the process would continue, regardless of any boycotts.
It is rather shocking that the Justice Minister – George Kunda has been instructed by the President Levy P Mwanawasa, SC to present a new controversial bill to be enacted into law – The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) bill.