Minister of Defense George Mpombo of Zambia

He said Mr Mpombo was the acting leader of Government business in Parliament and not the acting vice president.
Mpombo said the government wanted to have a deal clinched with any oil producing country by October so that they could cut on thecost of oil.
Zambia concerned about unstable security situation in SudanZambian Defense Minister George Mpombo said Friday that the government is concerned about the unstable security situation in Sudan.
Now that Sata has reconciled with the government, Mpombo has dropped his proposal.
Mpombo is lying to say the cost of food is a worldwide issue.
Did we import that Maize to be affected by world food prices? If Mpombo is reasonable enough, can he tell his President to dissolve the NCC because this government will save K400 billion," Sata said.
He said Mpombo was panicking because he had felt the weight of PF.
It is clear that Mpombo is hungry for violence, but this kind of hunger does help the Ministry of Defence,” Lubinda said.
If Mpombo is determined to use force on innocent citizens who want to demonstrate peacefully, I invite him to first use that force on me,” Lubinda said.
All Africa reports, GOVERNMENT is addressing concerns of various people on the need to strengthen laws to protect Zambian jobs from foreigners of equal or less qualifications and companies set up by foreign investors ensure safety of workers, acting chief Government spokesperson, George Mpombo has said.
Mr Mpombo said the periodic reviews had led to the strengthening of safety regulations coupled with increased factory inspections to monitor compliance and strict observance of the work permit regulations.
We are alive to immediate consequences of electing such people," Mr Mpombo was quoted as saying.
Zambias acting information minister George Mpombo has said that the absence of press attachés at its diplomatic missions abroad has negatively affected the countrys ability to strengthen bilateral relations and publicise its economic assets to foreign investors wishing to bring business to the southern African country.
Mpombo said this on Thursday when he officiated at a workshop for newly trained press attachés who are being posted to several diplomatic missions to represent the country.
Zambia, Angola security agreement vital - MpomboBy WALLEN SIMWAKAMINISTER of Defence George Mpombo says a defence and security agreement between Zambia and Angola is important to promote peace and enhance co-operation in the socio-economic development of the two countries.
Mr Mpombo said Zambia and Angola should enhance their bilateral security protocols if peace and stability in the two countries were to be sustained.
Mr Mpombo said defence and security experts should come up with recommendations on various issues of mutual concern.
Mr Mpombo said democracy and good governance in Southern Africa and Development Community (SADC) were being threatened by the challenges facing defence and security wings in the region.
Mpombo said Zambia would construct joint power stations with Tanzania and Kenya.
Energy and Water Development Minister, George Mpombo said that a delegation he led met officials from the Iranian ministry of petroleum to discuss the matter.
Mr Mpombo said a lot of progress was made during the meeting in Iran between his delegation and the Iranian officials led by the deputy minister of petroleum.
assured that efforts were being made to give relief to fuel consumers.
Meanwhile, Mr Mpombo has appealed to the international community to assist Zambia by sinking boreholes to ensure that there was enough clean drinking water.
Mpombo said Mwanawasa’s legacy would have to be upheld by his successor.
Energy Minister George Mpombo was quoted as saying on Thursday that the deal is on hold because of transshipment problems and terms of business such as payment period for the consignment.
Mpombo said the Zambian side gives a payment period of four months, while Iran initially gave two weeks then later four weeks.
Defence minister, George Mpombo has called for an end to political differences among politicians in Mazabuka in Southern Province to foster development.
commissioner  should  work as a team to open up development.
Kafulafuta Member of Parliament (MP) George Mpombo has urged members of his constituency to diversify their agricultural ventures instead of depending on growing maize alone.
Mpombo said this during a public meeting at Munkulungwe basic school in his constituency yesterday.
Mpombo has described the theft of the transformer at Kambowa as a major setback to government’s effort to develop rural areas in the country.
April 28, 2007 (LUSAKA) Zambian Defense Minister George Mpombo said Friday that the government is concerned about the unstable security situation in Sudan.
Mpombo said it is in this regard that Zambia will continue sending troops to that country as peacekeepers until peace is attained.
Speaking during a farewell parade for a Zambian contingent of peacekeeping troops at Arakan Barracks in Lusaka, Mpombo said as a member of the African Union (AU) and the United Nations, Zambia is obliged to help other countries striving to restore peace.
Mpombo said the government and the people of Zambia have a lot confidence in them.
Meanwhile, Mr Mpombo says Government has asked the 161 Zimbabwean truck drivers who have refused to return home, to leave the country following the industrial dispute with their employer.
Mr Mpombo said Zambia did not want to get involved in the Zimbabwe quagmire because the country was not part of the crisis.
Mr Mpombo said among the drivers, some had come to get maize that Zimbabwe bought from Zambia through the Food Reserve Agency.
In the latest update later in the evening, Mr Mpombo said the number of families caught up in the violence had risen to 106 from the 49 he had announced earlier in the day.
GEORGE MPOMBO George Mpombo has been a source and subject of interesting developments.
Mpombo has since issued several statements stating that all ministers were working behind the Vice-President.
Mpombo was in Parliament and did not object to this ministerial address.
Defence Minister George Mpombo said currently large number of soldiers were not accommodated in military baracks.
And Defence Minister George Mpombo has commended Patriotic Front (PF) MP's that are taking part in the NCC under difficult situations.
Mpombo said the MPs have shown leadership and has since implored those not taking part to reconsider their position.
Defence Minister George Mpombo said on Sunday the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy had started the nomination process for candidates wanting to contest the presidential vote on behalf of the MMD.
Mpombo said Mwanawasa's legacy would have to be upheld by his successor.
On water, Mr Mpombo said the Japanese Government had given Zambian US$4.
UN-utilised boiler worries ministerLivingstone - -Southern Province Deputy Minister George Mpombo has described the non-utilisation of a boiler at Livingstone General Hospital as an economic sabotage.
Mr Mpombo expressed concern that the hospital was still relying on a boiler which was built many years ago and could easily claim a lot of lives if it blew up.
Livingstone - SOUTHERN province deputy minister George Mpombo has called on politicians from the opposition political parties to desist from politicising the AIDS pandemic.
Mpombo said the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS needed concerted efforts from both government and the opposition.
Mpombo said politicians from the opposition political parties need to work together with government in supporting organisations like the Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative (MMCI) in the procurement of AIDS drugs.